Understanding Prohibited Goods For Importation

Are there goods which are prohibited unless specified conditions, restrictions or requirements are complied with? Yes, fireworks, methylated spirits, whales tooth (tabua), spirits (brandy, whisky and rum), are restricted goods,
17 Oct 2015 10:10
Understanding Prohibited Goods For Importation
Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority chief executive Jitoko Tikolevu.

Are there goods which are prohibited unless specified conditions, restrictions or requirements are complied with?
Yes, fireworks, methylated spirits, whales tooth (tabua), spirits (brandy, whisky and rum), are restricted goods, unless prior approval have been granted by the respective Governmental Ministries.
Radio communication equipment adopted for emission, radioactive substance which requires a license to import issued by telecommunication authority.
For importation of whales tooth shall be issued with the license from the Ministry of Fijian affairs.
Apparatus and devices designed solely for the purpose of detecting and giving visual audible form of advance warning such as Radar Detector- a license to import issued by telecommunication Authority.
How about explosives used for mining purposes?
An explosive can be allowed into the country such as Safety fuses; detonating fuses; percussion or detonating caps; igniters; electric detonators as long as it is listed or covered within the Explosives Act and issued with a license by Mineral resource department
Are there some building materials that have import restrictions?
Yes, there are some building restricted materials which can only be allowed entry into the country provided that prior approval has been sought and that the goods are in accordance with the conditions specified in that license issued by Minister for Finance.
For example, gold, galvanized or zincalume pre-coated metal coil sheet, cyclonic screw fasteners, washers and seals for roof and wall cladding.

Are there some office administration facilities that are restricted?
Yes, photocopying apparatus incorporating an optical system or of the contact type and thermo-copying apparatus designed to produce full colour (also known as multi-colour copiers) of documents or any other material and used will need the FRCA approval as these are also restricted importations.
Are there some restrictions on tractors and the public transportations e.g. bus etc.?
Yes, Under the schedule 3 of Customs Prohibited and restricted regulation, used and recondition vehicles for transport of passengers and goods including the special purpose vehicle are subject to the import the Minister of Finance will also have to approve re-conditioned road tractors and public transportation motor vehicles to ensure safety and other OHS issues for the general public.
Can we import animals into the country?
Yes, animal, animal products, animal manure, packing-material, fittings or fodder may be imported into the country.
However, it will require the written permission of the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Animal Health and Production) or from a person authorised by him or her on their behalf under Animals Importation Act.
How about hard drugs that are used for medicinal purpose?
There are certain dangerous Drugs under Part 4 of the Dangerous Drugs Act that will require Ministers Approval.
Drugs, medicines, poisons, instruments and appliances that are covered under the Pharmaceutical and Poisons Act will also require Minister’s approval.6.
What happens to the firearms that yacht owner brings in to the country?
The master of the yacht has to declare all arms and ammunition to the Customs Officer during boarding.
Once declared the customs officer will verify the arms in terms of it serial numbers and also account for all ammunition and issue a detention notice to the master.
The detained arms and ammunition are then transferred to Police Armory for safe keeping under cart note.
These arms and ammunitions are later transferred back to the yacht under customs supervision during departure out of Fiji.
What happens to the prohibited goods brought into the country?
Any goods brought into the country that are deemed Prohibited and restricted will be destroyed.
What happens to the person who brings in the prohibited goods?
If it is a first offender; a warning letter is issued to him or her.
For a repeated offender a penalty or a fine is imposed to deter the offender from committing the same in the future.
For serious hard drug case a mandatory jail term will be issued by the Courts.

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