Letters To The Editor, October 18, 2015

Near misses Pranil Ram, Nadi As I travel to and fro to my workplace daily, I nearly, every day, come to see or even encounter near misses. I wonder, if
18 Oct 2015 13:10
Letters To The Editor, October 18, 2015

Near misses

Pranil Ram, Nadi

As I travel to and fro to my workplace daily, I nearly, every day, come to see or even encounter near misses.

I wonder, if these accidents had taken place, how many more lives would have been lost on our roads. I am rather perplexed to see that despite so much awareness on this issue the road users have continued to ignore the road rules. It seems like the policies that are being put in place by the authorities is having the opposite of the desired effect.

I have some questions that baffle my mind. Is it that road penalties are not harsh enough that people continue to break them? Or is it poor monitoring from the authorities?

I strongly believe with deep conviction in my mind that we are beginning to forget the value of human life and how precious it is. It could just take a moment for a life to be taken away from us.

It is a humble plea to road users that for whatever reasons you are infringing road rules, this may not in any way supersede somebody’s life. Although you are not being watched be mindful of your actions on the road.


Not always

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Sports is said to unite individuals, communities and nations but this does not always hold true.

Many come together to cheer for their national teams participating at important international matches and tournaments. This often bridges gaps bringing together citizens and fans of different, colours, races and religions. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes the most important stakeholders, which is the players of national teams break some of the simplest of rules. Just before the ever important quarterfinal match against the All Blacks, players in the French national rugby team are reported to have taken over the responsibility of their coach. This possibility represents a break down in team solidarity, unity and respect.

Whatever one’s opinions, it is a hard reality that sport not always unites people.



Champs Ba

Arun Prasad, Nausori

Congratulations to Ba for winning the IDC this time around. Thank God they won otherwise there would have been another fiasco.

Need I say more!


Non-alcohol area

Peggy Thomas, Pacific Harbour

As citizens of this nation and a frequent customer of the Damodar Centre my best friend and I would like to report a serious offence committed by some people at this centre on October 16 at 12.25pm.

We were utterly shocked and most irate at the audacity of this group having no regards for our rules and regulations. They were right by the Game centre were the presence of young adults and children quite obvious needless to say.

We also witnessed two security guards literally struggling with these adamant and extremely ill mannered males to discard their beer bottles and vacate the area but they were putting up quite a resistance.

My very brave friend also told them in a very firm voice that they were breaking the law and to stop their unruly activity, which I firmly believe had an impact.

We also reported the matter to a young lady who we were informed worked in the administration office of the Damodar Centre and she assured us that the Police were informed about the offence.

We implore the management and security of this centre to be extra vigilant and to not let it happen again in the future. It would be a great shame to see the use of alcohol and perhaps even the sale of drugs in such a great place.

It only takes a blink of an eye and it will be too late.



Blood moons

Lawrence Narayan, Suva

The blood moons topic has been on many minds lately because the four blood moons (Tetrads) are so rare people naturally reason that they mean something significant to happen.

The speculation around the 2014-2015 blood moon tetrad is largely based on the concept that each of the seven past tetrads have brought a significant event to the Jewish people within a year of the first or last eclipse of the tetrad.

For example, the the last two blood moon tetrads of 1949 -1950 “tied” to significant events: the establishment of Israel in May, 1948 and the capturing of the Temple Mount in June, 1967, respectively.

To Christians however, the Bible does not tell us to watch for tetrads nor does it ever attach any significance to them prophetically.

Genesis 1:14  states, “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.” All the words following the word “signs” here modify that word as divisions of time: “seasons, days, and years!” There is no mention in the passage of prophetic or warning signs at all, but rather only “timing” signs.

This contextual meaning of “signs” is made clear in most modern Bible versions.

The only signs Genesis 1:14 tells us to take from the sun moon and stars are ones we all already know about, the common divisions of time like sunrise for the new day or the new moon for the new month.

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