Preaching Through Music

Many know Vili Raqio as the head of one of the country’s renowned security guard companies. They often described him as a fighter- a man who takes on any challenge
25 Oct 2015 17:39
Preaching Through Music
New Covenant Gospel Singers in Wailoku. Photos: Jona Konataci

Many know Vili Raqio as the head of one of the country’s renowned security guard companies.

They often described him as a fighter- a man who takes on any challenge that is a threat to the industry he always cherishes.

This is because the security guard industry has not only provided jobs to many of our unemployed people but more importantly ensures a safe environment for all citizens of this country.

But what many people fail to realise is that he is a God-fearing man. In fact, Pastor Raqio as he fondly known, is a man who is on a mission in reaching out to lost souls about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“It’s an honour to be part of God’s greater calling,” he told Garam Masala in an interview at his home in Wailoku.

“Many churches in the country have offered me senior pastoral positions but I had to turn them down.

“To me it’s not about money or prestige that comes from the position but it’s about doing God’s will and working in a ministry gives me the freedom to do that.

“However, it does not stop me from networking with other church pastors as well.”

For Pastor Raqio, one of the main evangelism tools God had given him is a group called the New Covenant Gospel Singers.

This is a group of youths who are talented singers and musicians and are committed to the call of the great commission.

Over the years they have done wonders and had taken the nation by storm. According to Viti FM, one of the country’s biggest iTaukei radio stations, the group has topped the Gospel music charts for the last three years.

“The first CD had the hit tune Talei Cecere and was in the radio’s music charts number one spot for the longest of time. To us being known is not what we want or crave for. It’s about reaching out and touching people’s lives with God’s words,” Pastor Raqio said.

With their seventh album released, Pastor Raqio confirmed to GM that they are still distributing their CDs for free.

“We will not charge people anything but instead we want to bless them with the message of hope, which is from God’s words.”

Looking back, he says, they have watched how God had worked in touching peoples’ hearts and in return they have been blessed.

“We had a Fijian couple from the British Army who flew to Suva wanting to meet us. They came home and gave their gift as they wanted us to open our bank account.

“They said someone had given them a copy of our CD and through the songs their life has been blessed. Another was from some of our soldiers in Afghanistan, who always make it a must to listen to the songs before they go out on patrol.”

Pastor Raqio said when it comes to support they are always grateful to God for his security guard company.

“Whatever we earn from the company is directed to our ministerial work. We pay for our transportation and other related costs in our evangelism outreach. We don’t ask around for money.”

He also reiterated the importance of looking after his group and to ensure that their welfare of all members is taken care of.

“If you’re a productive worker then your company looks after you well and it should be the same in God’s work as well.

“For me and my wife that has been our top priority. If we go on tour and we stay in a hotel, we always make sure the group also stays with us. Today, every member of our group has their own bank account as we want them to have a secured future as well.”

Pastor Raqio also indicated from the current group, three members are currently away on studies. They are Mosese Raqio who is attending high school in New Zealand and Timaima Merewarita who is on a church assignment in Nadi while young Joshua is still in primary school.

For Pastor Raqio, the battle does not end there. In fact the Saqani native from Cakaudrove had recently made an investment of over $20,000 in getting better sound system for the group.

“Again it’s our business to spread the word of God and the most effective way to do that is to have a good sound system that produces quality sound.

“There’s no point in singing if the sound system is poor and it’s a total failure if you can’t get your message across to the people.”

From the countless number of testimonies they have received from Fijians around the globe, Pastor Raqio and his group are not carried away it one bit- they always say it’s none of their own doing.

But instead they prefer to keep their focus on Jesus, who they admitted is the author and finisher of their faith.

“We are only an instrument of God’s work and we always prefer that it stays like that all the time,” he added.


– Those who are interested to obtain a copy of the CD is to call Pastor Raqio on 9643528 or email him on viliraqio@yahoo.com

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