Letters To The Editor, 4th November, 2015

Gangsters in Fiji Floyd Robinson , Nasinu Is it true that gangsters from India were in Fiji recently head-hunting one of their strong rivals who somehow managed to flee for
04 Nov 2015 10:30

Gangsters in Fiji
Floyd Robinson , Nasinu
Is it true that gangsters from India were in Fiji recently head-hunting one of their strong rivals who somehow managed to flee for his safety, possibly avoiding death? Well whatever ones views, reports in the Times of India by one gangster boss is something for concern. Let’s just hope that they don’t return.

Spirit of rugby
Pranil Ram, Namaka
It was so charming to see the staff aboard the Qantas Airline donning the All Blacks jersey.
This was possible because the airliner had lost a bet with their counterparts at Air New Zealand.
Even the Australian PM will also be wearing an All Blacks tie in the Parliament session.
It is great to see them honouring their deal. I only wonder if something like this is also possible in our own country when it comes to sports.
I believe this all is done in the true spirit of Rugby. Fair play has surely prevailed and what a way to display it. I strongly believe rugby is the biggest winner at the end of the day.

Fijian schools politics
Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka
The majority of our schools throughout the country are run by church or religious organisations despite the fact that all these schools are regulated by the Ministry of Education, our Fijian children’s education are now all fully funded by government from kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools including some of our technical college’s throughout the country.
Our Government’s toppers scheme is also fully funded for the first top 600, Year 13 passes, vinaka vakalevu to our caring indiscriminate FijiFirst people’s Government for giving every Fijian school child an equal opportunity and a level playing field for all to become a productive citizen of our country.
All those teachers in all our schools are employees of the Ministry of Education except for those private run schools, why does these other government-funded school’s require someone from outside to manage how they are run when we have very capable and highly qualified school head teachers and their principal’s who can manage their respective schools daily affairs.
Don’t these teachers report directly to their employers who are their divisional education officers?
It would be prudent if Government can take over the running of all our schools with appointed managers employed by the MOE to eradicate dirty politics that has long been a trademark of our school’s education system.
We have all witness many dirty politics in our entire religious establishments throughout Fiji irrespective of which denomination it may be; these bad politics must not be allowed in our schools and our children must not be subjected to it very early.
This may be an unpopular decision, but it will bring about transparency, it will stop corruption and remove dirty politics from our Fijian school system.
When talking to some head teachers and principals, they all say, sometimes it becomes very difficult to figure out whether they should be listening to the school managers or the Ministry of Education.

Cyclone season
Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu
As we, enter the cyclone season its good see the Government taking its awareness of what we should be preparing for.
The past season it did not have a greater effect because the people were more prepared well than ever before.
In case of flooding we should be expecting more damage as the water can be uncontrollable at certain stages.
But if we are well prepared it would be a different outcome altogethe.
The habit of swimming in flooded waters has claimed lives in the past and should be addressed repeatedly to the public.
Heavy rains have also caused erosion that have covered homes in the past, it can be repeated if we are not careful especially for residences on hill sides.
New location for livestock should be well organised by now and a plan laid for evacuating for those living on low lying areas. Take all advise very seriously and be prepared of all requirements that you lacked in the past .
November to April may be short but you would know how quickly a disaster would happen. Our prayers would be also vital at these moments.

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