Letters To The Editor, 9th November, 2015

Domestic violence George H Keller Suva Domestic violence is narrowly defined as an act of violence with whom the perpetrator is or has been in intimate relationship. The term domestic
09 Nov 2015 09:01
Letters To The Editor, 9th November, 2015

Domestic violence
George H Keller
Domestic violence is narrowly defined as an act of violence with whom the perpetrator is or has been in intimate relationship.
The term domestic violence often brings to mind the term “battered wife” or perhaps a married couple’s argument escalating into a physical assault.
Domestic violence is also linked to child abuse. Even if the children are not physically injured, watching or hearing a parent being physically abused can have severe psychological implications.
A person of any age, gender, socioeconomic class, education level, or religion can be impacted by domestic.
Each domestic violence story is completely different. The situations and people involved are so diverse that no one article by the media, radio and television talk shows or single individual can effectively or sufficiently handle the issue.
However, and generally speaking, marriage counselling is not an appropriate solution; at least not until the burning anger is defused and the abuse has stopped, both parties undergo individual counselling, and both parties desire reconciliation.
Domestic violence is about power and control; and, as we can readily see from the endless media reports, domestic violence is escalating to the point of becoming an epidemic.
It is readily ascertained that no matter how advanced and progressive our society becomes, the relationship between man and woman (like the world around us) has become and increasingly remains a power struggle – a battle of the sexes, full of strife.
Domestic violence is unquestionably in stark opposition to God’s plan for families; and, a far cry from His character.
Ephesians 5:21-23 talks about mutual submission; it explains a wife’s submissiveness to her husband; while the remaining verses talk about a husband’s self-sacrificial love for his wife.
God used man’s rib to form woman, to show that they were actually the same created beings – two halves of a whole. The female was not created as a separate being, second to man. She was formed as part of the initial man, to be a helper suitable for the man.
The woman was brought into being to strengthen and powerfully help the man. She was made of the same “stuff” and every bit a perfect creation, as patterned after God’s image and likeness.
Woman, therefore was created as a compliment to man, and as a powerful part and influential companion for man. This implies that the two beings were designed to work and fit together perfectly in all ways. The strength of each complimented for the weakness of the other. It was “not good” for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18) but, together.
The renowned Matthew Henry, sums up the issue concerning a husband and a wife, by saying: “The companion (woman) was taken from his (man’s) side to signify that she was to be dear unto him as his own flesh. Not from his head, lest she rule over him; nor from his feet, lest he should tyranize over her; but, from his side, to denote that species of equality, which is to subsist in the marriage state.”
And, again: “That wife, that is of God’s bringing by special providence, is likely to prove a helpmeet to her husband.”
Regardless of the religion we choose to follow, we all claim to believe in God. So, why do we not follow and embrace His teachings in our hearts; and, put an end to this domestic violence?
In doing so let us refrain from using the finger of accusations of guilt and the tongue as sharp as a two edged sword, that cuts deep in both directions.
Remember, God did not promise that a marriage would be a bed of roses or either problems. He did give us the intelligence to work things out, together and live in peace and with love.
Put aside all worldly things destroying your marriage and live the family life that God had designed.
End domestic violence and end it now!

Democracy and polls
Amenatave Yaconisau
I don’t aspire to be an authority on Fijian administration or to have a lofty appearance on matters of chiefly system.
But I thank Tomasi Boginiso for responding to me on the above topic mostly discussing hierarchy and authority and the usefulness of the GCC (FS 8/11/15).
Unfortunately he has misread the intent of my earlier letter and he is entitled to his own opinion, but I wish to stick with mine and will not be involved anymore with any further doctrinal feuding on the matter.
My logic is simple. Being large landowners the Fijian people who depend on such system must be represented under our democratic system.
This is a large factor in our political stability and political parties must be seen as a uniting factor in this. It can’t be ignored as it is a safety valve to account for large property owners and to meet their demands to ensure harmonious co-existence.
Not to do so will only polarise things in ways counterproductive to our stability and parties must be able to control and retain power in this regard. Currently iTaukei matters are dealt with by the secretary for Fijian Affairs through the provincial administration system and represented by the elected government in lawmaking.
I hope Mr Boginiso will gain some insight from my explanation and not renounce it as undeserving of his learned opinion.
Good luck to the camakau (sailing boat) with the unknown winds now blowing across the islands. Vinaka and moce.

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