Letters To The Editor, 13th November, 2015

Tripartism Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva I refer to your headline titled ‘Hopes high in Geneva’ (FS 9/11/15). The Minister, Semi Koroilavesau, seem to be reflecting good faith bargaining in tabling all
13 Nov 2015 07:20
Letters To The Editor, 13th November, 2015

Amenatave Yaconisau,
I refer to your headline titled ‘Hopes high in Geneva’ (FS 9/11/15).
The Minister, Semi Koroilavesau, seem to be reflecting good faith bargaining in tabling all past works made with stakeholders as required under ERPO7 section 149.
It seems he has tried his best to accommodate different viewpoints, but it seems FICTU is not ready to barge on the freedom to join trade union.
This imbalance emanating from FICTU may cause strain in Geneva if it remains unsolved.
It certainly puts the country to ransom. Let’s move forward together.

Rude staff
Eddie Sandys, Suva
I had a nasty experience yesterday morning.
I walked into Vodafone Triangle in Suva, it was empty and I walked to the middle where a young girl was busy typing.
Lined up, she called me and I approached her. “How can I help you?” was her question to which I told her of a new sim. She continued typing and concentrating on the typing while I waited for a reply, which took a while coming.
When she had finished typing she looked up and asked “where is your old sim? I stopped her short and told her that what she did was very rude and that she should have listened to my complaint instead of concentrating on her computer.
She replied: “I was upgrading my computer.” I told her that was all very well, but if she was not ready to listen to me then she should have finished her typing and then call me.
There was no apology from her but a rude look was what I got. My problem was I had a new sim and I had lost the number and was wondering if they could help me locate the new number.
“Sorry no” was the abrupt reply, “we cannot help you, we need the number and we only work on the number that you give,” the staff said.
“So I will have to throw this sim away?” I asked, but she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.
It was obvious she did not want to help.
I took the same problem to Courts Fiji Ltd because I bought the phone on Wednesday and to my surprise the staff there, Akata, told me it was possible. She typed #888* and the number appeared.
This young woman needs a pat on the back for providing excellent service for Courts Fiji Ltd.
It is apparent that the Vodafone staff had refused to assist me at all. She needs to be taken to task because Vodafone is a big company who pays thousands of dollars for promotions.
To think I drove all the way to town and paid for parking, and not to mention my time.

RFMF’s bold stand
Timoci Gaunavinaka,
I applaud Acting Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho and the RFMF’s bold decision to recruit three former Police officers into the Military.
Ben Groenewald saw it fit to indict the three officers for their actions in the recapture and assault of a prison escapee with a long list of previous criminal convictions.
Yet he interfered in the case of the South African diplomat responsible for allegedly killing an innocent civilian via dangerous driving and resulting to the diplomat’s escaping justice.
Nelson Mandela once said: “Justice is not something that has to be done. It is something that has to be seen to be done.”
I know that Reverend Akuila Yabaki will argue that the means does not justify the end in relation to the indicted officers’ case. But our world has become a place where such an ideology no longer applies practically all the time.
These officers have sacrificed and spent their lives hunting and catching criminals while the criminals have been spending their lives committing crimes on innocent civilians.
Now with just a little twist involving an alleged assault we forget the bigger picture on who is who and want to throw behind bars those who sacrificed so much to protect us and hail the escapees and criminals as heroes.
I thank Brigadier-General Qiliho for his bold stand in stopping the exaggeration of a smaller evil to cover and pretentiously overwhelm the true and bigger one.

Fireworks in Rio
Floyd Robinson, Nasinu
The countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games is gaining momentum and there are many sports at stake but there is alone which is almost exploding already.
The quest to the first gold medal in 7s rugby is rapidly intensifying as national 7s rugby coaches are leaving no stones unturned by including rugby superstars in their training squads.
There will be no mercy as all pools will be ‘pools of death’. Each country will bring their most explosive, powerful and crafty players to Rio.
Will Julian, Savea, Ben Smith, Sonny Bill Williams, Henry Speight, and Nadolo be part of their national teams?
Whatever ones views, I am already nervous and excited about 7s rugby in Rio. It’s fireworks, at its best.

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