Feedback To Move Forward

It was a nervous and almost stressful Performance Evaluation process going on. But this was not a corporate scenario!!! It was a performance evaluation of Lionel, a student in his
14 Nov 2015 10:30
Feedback To Move Forward

It was a nervous and almost stressful Performance Evaluation process going on. But this was not a corporate scenario!!!

It was a performance evaluation of Lionel, a student in his eighth grade.

His dad stood meekly as Lionel’s class teacher kept showering heaps of complaints and criticism about his son.

The teacher’s almost rude presentation of feedback about Lionel was too much to handle for his dad and as they left the school, both were in gloom.

It was Lionel’s granddad who simply inquired: “Did the teacher also guide you or suggest something for Lionel’s improvement?”

And to this Lionel’s dad had almost no response. All he knew was how poor his son’s performance was but had no clue about ways to improve it!

Sometimes a feedback, whether at a school- Parents-teachers meeting or at a corporate makes all the difference in the manner in which the feedback is being presented and more importantly in the manner in which it is ‘received’.

In many a corporate, assessments and feedbacks provided by Managers to their subordinates seems to suggest a need for improvements on various and yet critical parameters.



Managers tend to look at feedback as positive and negative feedback. But actually every feedback must be perceived as POSTITIVE only.

That’s because even a negative feedback can and should be looked at as an AREA of IMPROVEMENT.

The managers who share and present their feedback in this manner always create not just Positivity but also a higher level of SELF-MOTIVATION in the minds Subordinates.

Feedback Methodology- It is important that managers understand that feedback is a very important tool for assessment and enhancement of the juniors and hence the method of presenting this feedback is very critical.

Stated below are some of the methods of creating and presenting Feedback.



This is the most effective method of developing a clear understanding about the subordinate in terms of all his activities and performance challenges and then subsequently developing a structured RESPONSE to each.

This process of giving Feedback is essential as it does create a sense of maturity within the manager as he sits with his subordinate in the performance evaluation process.



This particular methodology is a LISTENINIG-to-YOU-FIRST method where the subordinate is presented with the opportunity to assess himself first.

Only after the self-assessment is done by the subordinate, the senior or his manager initiates his own presentation of his own perceptions and observations.


Write and Speak Methodology

It is all about making the entire process of feedback a two- pronged approach.

The first step is to have the Feedback sent in a written manner and allowing the person to take time in understanding it.

And then to be able to create opportunities to verbally interact with that person based upon the first process which is the written format.

Here the manager will first create a written structure of all the various points of Observation and Suggestions and then he will mail the same to the subordinate.

This becomes the first phase as the second phase would involve a verbal and face to face or telephonic interaction on this points which were elucidated in the written mail.

The advantage of this type of Feedback processing is that it gives time to the person to think and introspect and then makes both the manager and the person to discuss it more effectively.

It allows the person to express all that he wants to without any nervousness or inhibitions.



Remember we must, that each and every feedback especially within the corporate scenario should developed and presented by incorporating some very vital and valuable PARAMETERS.

The next time you want your team to MOVE-Forward, please share the FEED- Back effectively!

nMayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He mainly focusses upon Training and Human Resource Development through ‘Specifically Designed Seminars and Conferences. He can be contacted via email:

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