Letters To The Editor, 17th November, 2015

Magnificent Fijiana Pranil Ram Votualevu Congratulations to the Fijiana for making the cut for Olympics in Rio. Indeed they looked magnificent right from the start. It seemed like they were
17 Nov 2015 09:27
Letters To The Editor, 17th November, 2015

Magnificent Fijiana
Pranil Ram
Congratulations to the Fijiana for making the cut for Olympics in Rio. Indeed they looked magnificent right from the start.
It seemed like they were in their top gear and had their sights set for Rio Olympics. The dominated all facets of play and shrugged off the challenges easily that came their way.
Hats off to the team management and officials. It is an achievement in itself to get a ticket to participate in the Olympics, leave aside winning a medal.
It’s every athletes dream to take part in the Olympics.
They are surely going to pose a big threat to any team that plays them in the Olympics.
I believe they are surely going to make all the Fijians proud come next year.

Facebook Cohorts
Tukai Lagonilakeba
Rajendra Chaudhry and Ben Padarath together with their Facebook cohorts are all anti-Bainimarama and FijiFirst Government.
They will not accept or learn that lies will never change the election results of September 17, 2014 and why it is mandated to govern our country by the majority of Fijians.
Their insensible, inconsiderate disrespectful negative comments they thrive on to satisfy their cheap political agenda and motive, their disrespectful inconsiderate comments which they regularly utter on Facebook irks.
Do their fathers and mothers condone their children’s nonsense?
The Chaudhry senior and Lavenia Padarath combination is a testimony of a rejected ailing duo with their Labour Party from the last election and includes the self-styled exiled Rajendra Chaudhry and Ben Padarath.
I sincerely hope there will be a sensible change in their attitude and mindset as those lies are slowly becoming deeply engraved in your Labour Party family names which we Fijians will again remember as we go to the polls again in 2018.
Their rhetoric is detrimental to their personal selves.
Nevertheless, it was great to catch up with our hard working and vibrant Prime Minister during the inauguration of the President at Government House despite many lies inflicted by the former Fiji lawyer.
I am personally determined to keep a database and expose them at every Labour Party campaigns come 2018.
It is still a long way yet Rajen and co? Why are your cohorts still so very bitter?
Wake up, you need help boy.

Stern warning
Wise Muavono
Lately there have been numerous fatal accidents on our roads resulting in casualties.
The main contributing factor proved to be speeding.
These situations don’t augur well for our country’s image.
Stern measures must then be imposed to prevent or, at least, reduce considerably such tragedies.
Enforcement has to be strict and records have to be updated.
The power to suspend these errant drivers should be vested in high-ranking police personnel, not to the courts, as this could be time consuming.

Faith vs Law
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa
Delta, BC, Canada.
Why is it that Sunday keeping Christians are so anti-law when the topic comes up during a normal Christian conversation or debate?
Brother Lawrence Narayan has been at it for a long time and is the one stand where other Christians who do not normally agree with him, embrace and hug him.
For the record, the Bible does not teach that one can be saved by keeping the moral law (Ten Commandments).
But it does teach that true Christians who are part of the New Covenant relationship with Christ will obey the Ten Commandments written in their hearts and minds through the indwelling transforming and empowering work of the Holy Spirit. (Hebrews 10:16)
Jesus Christ is the moral law and those whose characters have been transformed into His, will reflect Him in keeping the Ten Commandments as an evidence of true discipleship.
With all due respect to Brother Lawrence Narayan and all Christians who tend to hate the law because of their misinterpretation; you all seriously need to prayerfully reexamine your stance of the law.
The same Paul, who is being misinterpreted as removing the law because of faith, clearly teaches that it is not.
“Do we, then, nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law.” (Romans 3:31).
Immorality will continue to increase in Fiji if Christians continue to preach that faith in Christ’s righteousness does away with preaching, keeping and obeying God’s moral law, the Ten Commandments.

Five Square diwali dhamaka 2021

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