Letters To The Editor, 28th November, 2015

Hospital service Praneet Ram , Nausori The type of services provided by our public health sector is deteriorating. One of my family members had been to CWM Hospital a couple
28 Nov 2015 10:31
Letters To The Editor, 28th November, 2015

Hospital service
Praneet Ram ,
The type of services provided by our public health sector is deteriorating.
One of my family members had been to CWM Hospital a couple of months back to get herself scanned for some unusual lumps appearing on her body.
She was sent to various places and finally got herself scanned and seen by a doctor in the afternoon.
The doctor’s recommendation was that it wasn’t anything serious and gave her another appointment date to be rechecked.
Upon checking the date the doctor gave it was 29th of November, 2015 (tomorrow) which falls on Sunday, so she called to get clarification from the receptionist and was advised to come on the 27th November, 2015 (yesterday).
But when she arrived at the hospital to get herself rechecked by a doctor she was notified that the department where she had her appointment had been closed for Christmas break.
Due to such carelessness, people lose hope and trust in our public health sector and at times such carelessness can cost a person his life.
I would like to request relevant authorities to check why there are such carelessness and I assure you that this would not be the first case of such nature, it not only a waste our taxpayer’s money but puts on a burden to person who has to take out his/her valuable time to be seen by a doctor and just to be informed to come on another date.
What if it was an underprivileged person who struggled to make ends meet, or an elderly wouldn’t such carelessness put a burden on them making them run in circles because of our doctor’s carelessness.

Burning West
Floyd Robinson,
Having recently travelled to Lautoka last weekend, one could not help but notice the unusual heat which is certainly taking its toll on visitors to the town.
Fortunately, the shade from trees is proving much-needed relief.
The heat is a blessing to those hanging clothes on the lines as it dries within two hours.
It was nice to see families take advantage of the walkway and seats along Marine Driver especially during the evenings as they also enjoyed the beautiful sunset.
The love birds also make their way to Marine Drive and as the sun sets, the hugs, kisses and cuddling becomes sweeter.
During the day one couldn’t help but notice speeding vehicles right in the middle of the central business district.
Let’s juts hope that authorities are more vigilant this weekend to prevent potential accidents.
The variety of clothing and prices in Lautoka is so much better than Suva.
All in all, Lautoka is a nice place to relax and chill out.

Water woes
Peggy Thomas ,
Pacific Harbour
Sudden water cuts without warning
Recently and as early as yesterday (Tuesday, November 24) residents at Pacific Harbour Resort Villas have had their water cut off and served with a notice saying that our water bill of $70-plus dollars has not been paid thus we are punished with disconnection.
Needless to say the inconvenience caused by this vindictive and unnecessary action is most certainly and categorically not what customer service we are so yearning for in Fiji.
The importance of reconnection fee seemed to take priority which at times is the same amount as one’s bill.
When we inquire about the onslaught of vicious and deliberate cut-offs from the post master, he informed us that no water bills arrived in August.
I then recalled that the Water Authority was trying to get us to receive our bills through our e-mails and perhaps the idea had no response to eventuate, causing annoyance in the administration sector.
Receiving our bills through the mail seems to be the people’s choice yet we are being punished for not towing the line.
This is not professional and certainly not acceptable.

Twinkle toe
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,
Delta, BC, Canada
Someone had earlier mentioned and wished twinkle toe king William Ryder to be in the Vodafone Fiji Sevens team.
I totally agree and it is good to read that William Ryder is still involved with the game of 7s in the North.
Whether coach Ben Ryan will be impressed with his fitness still remains to be seen, but for all of us who just love to see his display of 7s magic, he would be the final ingredient to complete the Vodafone Fijian 7s team come Rio.
Sir Serevi is out of the game but his prodigy is available. While we have great players in the team, there is no magic man, one who could create something out of nothing. One who could, from a standing start, twinkle his toes and with a sleight of hands and feet, weave his magic and next thing we know, a gap is created and a try is at hand.
Fiji needs a magician but the ball is in his court as he needs to prove himself to earn a spot in the Vodafone Fijian 7s team.

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