Letters To The Editor, 29th November, 2015

School Holidays Shivneel Prasad Lautoka I thank and salute the headteacher and staff members of Gandhi Bhawan Primary School for transforming the school at such a pace. They have achieved
29 Nov 2015 10:30
Letters To The Editor, 29th November, 2015

School Holidays
Shivneel Prasad
I thank and salute the headteacher and staff members of Gandhi Bhawan Primary School for transforming the school at such a pace.
They have achieved so many firsts for which the students are so proud. They have produced the first magazine, first PTFA calendar, first awards night, first set of lecture theater operations system, and the first school holiday research project for students.
This would no doubt create critical thinkers at various levels while allowing students to devote at least a couple of minutes on doing something constructive while enjoying the holidays.
This will also reduce the number of students roaming on our streets aimlessly without any concern on the availability of time at their discretion.
The thought-provoking activities, if supervised well by parents and guardians, will guide students towards using time wisely and gaining more knowledge and skills.
Once again, my personal salutations to all in this school for improving the standards of the students.
This is the way forward.

Tomasi Boginiso
As the school year ends, we hope that teachers, parents and guardians have something planned for our children to be engaged in during the school holidays.
This is to avoid them from being engaged in activities that could lead to injuries or even death.
We are experiencing full tides and more daylight hours which could drive children into dangerous situations.
The engagement is to provide classes on subjects in the next education year, provide outdoor clinics for swimming, rugby, tennis, cricket, softball and many more.
We could also provide indoor clinics like dancing, oratory, singing, board games, team building, artwork and many more.
As sexual attacks are getting out of control we need to have our children being among other children and trustful guardian at all times.

Road safety
Pranil Ram
With alarming statistics revealed by authorities in regards to road accidents, it is everyone’s responsibility to practise road safety at all times.
As the school holidays have started, we are expecting more children to use the road.
Parents need to watch and know the whereabouts of their children.
As parents, we need to teach good practices of road safety to our children. With festivities also around the corner and movement of people increasing, we anticipate more road mishaps. We need to show a sense of responsibility to each of our fellow human being. We cannot afford to lose citizens in such ways. I firmly believe that all Fijians should act more responsibly in avoiding road accidents.

Fist of Fury
Osea Sivo Naisau
When a father names his son after a boxing champion, one will know or have a clue as to what the old man had in mind when giving that specific name to his child.
Tyson Fury, named after ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, etched his name alongside his namesake in boxing history.
He challenged world champion Vladimir Klitschko for the world heavyweight title.
The comparison with the two boxers ends with the name Tyson. The former world champion is black, short and a bit serious when doing his business in the ring.
On the other hand, Tyson Fury is white, quite tall and seems to have introduced a new craze in boxing with his singing talent.
Klitschko seems to be invincible in the heavyweight division after years as king of the hill.
If Tyson Fury can live up to his words when he said that it would be one of his easiest fights, then I think the champion will have finally meet his match taking into consideration they both are on level terms as far as their heights, reach and weight are concerned.
Though they differ in age and match experience, if the challenger plays his cards right, then it will be an unforgettable night for the champ.

Free West Papua
Ashneel J Prasad
Auckland, NZ
More than 500,000 people have died in a country which has a population of two million.
In a War? No. In a fight for freedom. Where? Nope, it’s not in the Middle East. It’s in the Pacific. Shocked? You better be.
We cry over what’s happening in other parts of the world, yet have no idea, what’s happening in our own neighbouring countries. It’s a battle for freedom.
I raise my views, my opinions and my wholehearted support to free West Papua. Indonesia, it’s time for you to stop using genocide and stop colonising West Papua.
Move out, and let West Papua take a breath of freedom and Independence. Who’s side are you on?

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