Examinations Rekindle Interest In Education

This is an edited version of Nemani Delaibatiki’s My Say on FBC’s “4 The Record” last night. We were beginning to lose our competitive edge. Now we are back on
30 Nov 2015 09:26
Examinations Rekindle Interest In Education

This is an edited version of Nemani Delaibatiki’s My Say on FBC’s “4 The Record” last night.

We were beginning to lose our competitive edge. Now we are back on track.
Excitement in education has returned with the reinstatement of external examinations.
It has vindicated the policy of the FijiFirst Government promoted by Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy.
Parents, students, teachers and schools must be eager to see the results of this year’s external examinations.
No doubt there is a certain degree of nervousness.
It is an annual event that everyone looks forward to.
Examinations are important because they are indicators of students’ abilities to absorb, store and remember knowledge and skills.
The ability to pass an examination is a valuable quality.
Many of us who have come through the exam system know that we had to study hard, day and night, to pass our exams. Many burned the midnight oil to either catch up or revise their notes.
Exams prove to the examiners that students are able to express their thoughts and ideas in a style that others can understand.
It also proves that students have gained a certain amount of knowledge in some disciplines of study.
The previous system of assessment which is not friendly to examination, is not ideal in our kind of social and cultural environment.
It is simply not compatible. It dulls the brain and encourages the students to wander.
The biggest concern I think is whether a finished product is the work of the student alone and not a group of people.
It has been heard that some students’ assignments were done by the parents.
They failed to truly reflect the potential and ability of the students. As a result we were beginning to lose our competitive edge. But now we are back on track.
But some people argue that examinations direct students to a narrow academic channel and limit their ability to broaden their horizon. They say the exams test only a kind of knowledge and skill and stifle original thought, imagination and creativity.
Examinations have evolved over the years. Students now are required to cover a wide range of syllabus. A student cannot expect to pass by cramming everything.
He or she could suffer from information overload triggering a mental breakdown or depression.
Students who do well are those who understand the subjects well and are able to write them down.
The exam papers test their intelligence, analytical ability and power of reasoning.
Examinations compel students to read and study. Without examinations students could be less informed. Students may choose not to study because they see no need for it as there are no exams.
Examinations also help teachers to assess their success or failure in teaching students.
The reintroduction of exams is part of the education pillars that underpin the education reforms.
The reforms will include holding parents accountable if their children fail to attend school. Many students fear exams, surveys have discovered.
The fear of failure has led to some students staying away from school, running away from home or in the extreme attempting to take their own lives.
Proper supervision at home will help alleviate this fear. Students need to be reassured that exams are important and if they fail, they can repeat the course or given other options. Most failures are linked to the lack of parental support in the home.
Next year is expected to be a better year as students have had experience this year. They will have learned from their mistakes and rectify them.
For those waiting for results, we wish them well and hope they have cause to celebrate this Christmas.

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