Letters To The Editor, 30th November, 2015

Rugby’s True Heroes Pranil Ram Votualevu, Nadi Our 7’s gladiators have reminded us what true heroism is through their act of courage, sacrifice and risks for the good of others.
30 Nov 2015 09:55
Letters To The Editor, 30th November, 2015

Rugby’s True Heroes
Pranil Ram
Votualevu, Nadi
Our 7’s gladiators have reminded us what true heroism is through their act of courage, sacrifice and risks for the good of others.
These players earn their glory by winning tournaments, series and championships.
However they deserve to be called true heroes because of their act of courage during their flight to Dubai.
They have received heaps of praises for their act of bravery both locally and internationally.
Their action is surely worthy of admiration.
They have not only done themselves proud but all Fijians feels overjoyed as well.
Their action shows that they are not only united as team on the field but off the field as well.
They are ready to face up the challenges off the field as well. Bravo boys!

Wait and more wait
Ashneel J Prasad
Auckland, NZ
Well then, since the school calendar has officially ended, now its a waiting game. Employee’s will be waiting for the end of the year bonus, employers will be waiting for a mad end of the year sale, form 6 and 7 and students will be waiting for their external exam results, little children will be waiting for Christmas presents, optimistic people will be waiting for a betterment in the Fijian currency.
Rugby lovers will be waiting for Dubai 7’s. Christians will be waiting to celebrate the birth of Christ. School students will be waiting for a fun-filled holiday and no worry of school and homework. Refugees will waiting for countries to open their borders for them. In short, everyone will be waiting for something.
Floyd Robinson
Are World Championship fights worth watching? Sadly, sometimes this is not always the case.
In what was termed the Fight of the Century, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao took to the boxing ring in May.
It generated so much interest that even local media and boxing fans went crazy.
Unfortunately, Pacquiao struggled to land punches whilst Floyd Weather adopted a rather boring, defensive strategy.
All in all, one of the most expensive but disappointing matches in boxing history.

Fiji 7s to the rescue
Tomasi Boginiso
Members of the Fiji Rugby Sevens side have shown great commitment on the field and can boast showing fair play in mid-air.
The players were on a flight from Nadi to Brisbane when an elderly passenger suffered a ‘serious health scare’ triggering an emergency mid-air. .
Airline staff rushed to the woman’s aide, assisted by the Fijian team doctor, Fox Sports reported.
While she was being monitored by the team doctor and other qualified passengers on board, the Fijian team engaged in an act of selflessness.
Visibly flustered at being faced with a medical emergency, the flight attendants were reportedly struggling to keep up with the lunch service that had only just begun.
To take the pressure off the hostesses, the players offered to serve food to the rest of the plane.
A passenger reportedly said “… the team got up to finish serving food and then assisted with the clean up of trays for the entire plane.”
The team then continued to serve the plane for the rest of the service, even cleaning up afterwards.

Green Lawn
Wise Muavono
Yes, those still with a green lawn are definitely watering it in the cover of darkness when the neighbours are asleep. Hahaha.

What is corruption?
Bhupendra Prasad
Corruption is an immoral, dishonest or depraved action of a person or persons. It can be through offering and accepting bribes either in cash, kind or a favour.
It does not necessarily mean that only a person charged and sentenced for corruption was a corrupt.
There are so many corrupt people roaming around in the society who hold good public position but they can not be taken to task because of loopholes in the laws.
Abuse of power is also a corruption. It is said that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In a democracy manipulating media to propagate ones political agenda is a corruption of the worst nature.
Giving favours and promotions to supporters and well wishes by the ruling party is also a corruption. Making unfair laws is also a corruptionFor example if the law allows some one to receive more salaries and allowances then the work he or she really does then it is a corruption.
The organised corruption is carried out in a very sophisticated manner as all those who benefit from it continue to promote such a dishonest act.
In general corruption is dishonesty whether it is in a persons mind or in action.

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