Letters To The Editor, 4th November, 2015

Best of luck Pranil Ram Votualevu, Nadi I strongly believe with the World Sevens Series starting, Fiji will be the team that would be under in the brightest spotlight. Both
04 Dec 2015 09:26
Letters To The Editor, 4th November, 2015

Best of luck
Pranil Ram
Votualevu, Nadi
I strongly believe with the World Sevens Series starting, Fiji will be the team that would be under in the brightest spotlight.
Both our men’s and women’s teams have done wonderfully well leading up to this tournament.
With the men’s team winning the series last season, surely we have left the benchmark for ourselves and others to follow.
Some may refer this year as the golden year for 7s rugby as the Olympic medal is at stake.
It’s always good to start the series with a win, but wins do not come easily in tournaments.
Winning one or two matches does not win tournaments.
It has to be a complete team performance right from the start of the first whistle to the final whistle.
I am sure Ben and the players are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead.
For us as a nation and rugby loving people, the best we can do is remember the teams in our prayers and wish Ben and the players best of luck.
Go Fiji Go!

Double victory at Dubai possible
Timoci Gaunavinaka
Waila, Nausori
The Olympic Games is the sporting event where almost all sports come together to display their best.
For a nation with the size of ours in both geography and economy, we are a tiny dot that in previous games have never made a dent on the medal tally.
Today with our two 7s teams for men and women preparing for the first of several hurdles in Dubai, we are becoming a nation carefully observed by all the top guns in World Rugby.
Our men are well known the world over in 7s rugby. We won the Sevens World Cup twice, but our women are a totally new entity.
It is not because they won the Oceania qualifying rounds that make the world take note, but how they did it speaks volume of their capabilities.
I don’t want to sound like I am counting my chicks before the eggs hatch, but I don’t believe it will be too far-fetched to say that a double victory at Dubai is possible this weekend.
Go Fiji Go!

Bankers and
Osea Sivo Naisau
“This entitlement that you can make money off the backs of others without being responsible for what it’s doing to them or what it could do to them drives me crazy… the fact that no one was held accountable after this mass failure drives me crazy, so I want this story told.”
Those were the words of movie actor Brad Pitt during the premiere of his new release, The Big Short, that tells the story of the problems in the lead-up to the worldwide economic shortfall of 2007/2008.
Greedy bankers were responsible for the crisis according to the star.
Actors and actresses have acted on stage or screen real life experiences from the past, present and in some cases the future.
Where scientific or pre-planned theories are acted out and will be put into practical use the day after tomorrow or sometimes soon.
As information agents, like all media personnel, actors and their female counterparts are informing the public of what’s going on in all levels of society. Especially the ones that affects them directly or indirectly as they are entitled to know them.
And, by the way, the end of communism a few years back seems to open the door for democracy and its principles to enter the arena of the Iron (Russia) and Bamboo (China) curtains.
Is it the other way round where the Pandora’s Box of Marxist philosophy had spread its influence to the four corners of the globe?
For recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping has promoted the advancement of Marxist economic philosophy. The Communist Party of China (CPC) had taken steps in combining new practices in reform with the basic principles of Marxist political economy.
With the emergence of China as an economic powerhouse in modern times, it won’t come as a surprise if the world’s economic systems are blending together for the establishment of the new world order.
In theory it may look good, but what matters most is its practicality.
The question is: Will each individual still have the freedom to go about his/her business as usual routine? Or will he/she be restricted to do so in the near future.
As they say only time will tell.

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