Letters To The Editor, 5th December, 2015

Movies of 2015 Floyd Robinson, Nasinu There was an endless number of movies released in 2015 with a range of themes but some cannot go unnoticed.  ‘Mad Max Fury Road’
05 Dec 2015 10:42
Letters To The Editor, 5th December, 2015

Movies of 2015

Floyd Robinson,


There was an endless number of movies released in 2015 with a range of themes but some cannot go unnoticed. 

‘Mad Max Fury Road’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ are two movies that almost never short of power, pace and destruction.  

Watching ‘Mad Max Fury Road’ was like being on a rollercoaster from beginning to end. Ironically both movies had scenes exposing more of female bodies.

If there was one movie which was a slap in the face to respect for females, it would be 50 Shades of Grey.

Somehow for some reason even advertising portrayed this as the Valentine Movie for lovers.

All in all, this movie was quite degrading for females and a slap in the face, if not leaving viewers disturbed at times. If there was a movie not living up to expectation, then James Bond is amongst them. Watching this movie, I was surprised to hear few viewers happily snoring. Perhaps the comfort of air conditioned cinemas and comfortable seats took its toll on viewers.

What sort of movies will be released in 2016? Which ones will be highly rated?

Only time will tell.



Housing land prices

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


I was asked to help fill up a Housing Authority of Fiji demand form for a low income earning Indo-Fijian couple in their pursuit to apply and buy a land at the Matavolivoli stage 2 new housing subdivision in Nadi.

In the HA demand survey form you are asked to tick a box to indicate what size land you would prefer ranging from 250sqm, 300sqm, 400sqm, 500sqm+ with land prices from $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $50,000? Is it market value?

The question to ask is, whether these land prices are affordable to the low income bracket earners in our country. One may say it is too expensive.

Is the Housing Authority of Fiji really serving its purpose to first time home owners?

I would suggest they subdivide the lots to one only reasonable square metres and maintain one price at $20,000, which is much more affordable and attractive to include all those who fall within the desired category who can all afford a lot each for the first time in their working life.

What is really the role of HA? Is it there to make excessive profit or to provide affordable land and housing package to all Fijians, and at the same time ensure resource owners benefit just as well from the housing development?

Our caring Government has pledged resolute measures before and after election on strategies to combat poverty and development through its various policies so that the marginalised and underprivileged can enjoy the basic life necessities like food, free education, excess to clean drinking water, electricity with proper sanitation and that no Fijian should be left behind as stipulated in our world acclaimed 2013 Constitution’s Preamble and its Bill of Rights. 

Apart from our basic right to a decent affordable housing, our Government is doing its utmost level best given the circumstances; it can only get better through the implementation of our 2016 National Budget.



Sukha Singh, 


 Should the FEA forward the customer’s electricity bills to a third party?

Where is the confidentiality and the respect for the customer?

Noah’s day

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, 


 Climate change is seriously affecting us in the Pacific Islands as highlighted by the Prime Minister in his speech in Paris lately.

We want the bigger nations to be more responsible as the high water levels are slowly eroding our shores and islands will disappear under the sea in years to come.

We all pray that all our united human efforts will somehow help to reverse the effects of climate change but I believe that mankind have crossed the line and that we are reaping what we sow as unfaithful and disobedient stewards or managers of God’s creation.

Jesus likened our day to Noah’s day that before the world was destroyed by the flood the people were about their daily lives and chose to ignore 120 years of Noah’s warning that God will destroy the earth and all its inhabitants.

God called only once and the animals single filed into the ark. Today, we are seeing with our eyes the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the signs Jesus had taught would happen before His second coming.

Are we going to be like the people in Noah’s day, when they saw the animals boarding the ark, they ignored the word of God and came up with human explanations to make sense of these animals entering the ark?

The Bible teaches that God will destroy this old earth together with Satan and his fallen angels and all the wicked who ignored to accept the free gift of salvation made available through Christ, before creating a new heaven and earth where the righteous dwell with the Godhead for eternity.

Let us unite to fight climate change by being faithful stewards, but at the same time have the assurance that when Christ returns, you are going home with Him.

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