Letters To The Editor, 17th December, 2015

SCC services Edwin Sandys, Suva My neighbour and I have called personally and made several attempts to make an appointment to see the special administrator of Suva.  Neither the special
17 Dec 2015 10:31
Letters To The Editor, 17th December, 2015

SCC services

Edwin Sandys,


My neighbour and I have called personally and made several attempts to make an appointment to see the special administrator of Suva. 

Neither the special administrator nor his secretary has had the courtesy to call us back to confirm or deny us an audience with him. It was done twice last year and once this year with my neighbour, and twice on my own and twice I followed up by phone. But we as ratepayers of Suva City are being denied an audience to voice our grievances.

Especially when their salaries are being paid for by the rates we pay.

All we have been asking for is that a lamp post be installed at our street, that the council name the small street and also to clean the street we live in.

Between the seven homes on this street we pay more than $1000 in rates compared to the squatters who have their garbage picked up and do not pay rates.

 Only lately, I believe, some people (not all of them) pay between $50 and $100 per year and have had their roads tar sealed and they have more than 10 street lights in those areas. Yet these people only started populating these areas lately.

Many of us at Padam Lala have been paying rates for years and all we ask is that we be treated equally.

Likewise my wife and I have written letters to the customer service section and over the years and have never received a reply.

On Monday I tried to lodge a complaint from 8am with the council on garbage not being collected, but are being ravished by dogs. It was at 8.50am when I managed to speak to the CEO who was neither helpful nor apologetic.

They answered the phone but transferred me around all morning, with some staff not at work yet.

Finally I left a message with a staff for Suresh of the health department to call me back but he has not done so, leading to me calling the CEO.

One council car comes to my home and we discuss and he said he will fix. Fifteen minutes later an Edward Bhan calls me trying to fault us for using garbage bags instead of bins.

I told him if I am to get a bin then the council has to guarantee me that when they empty the garbage they should close it and put it back on the side of the road, not throw it on the road.

This is what happened to my last bin which was damaged. They should also tell everyone else to use bins.

All in all had they taken the rubbish I would not be wasting my time complaining. The rubbish was out there from 6.30am on Friday.


Labasa’s golden boy

Sukha Singh,


I used to see Labasa’s boxing gold medallist training in a small dark taxi garage on my street. Later on he moved to Charman’s All Races club.

If we want people to take up boxing we have got to let our young people watch boxers training.  In 60s and 70s every village in Labasa had boxers.

This guy, Subash Chand, had only one punching bag, one skipping rope and a set of boxing gloves, and yet he won gold medals for Fiji.

The boxing commission of Fiji needs people who know what boxing is.

To the Minister for Sports, please come around to Labasa and let us revive boxing.



Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

I refer to your article on SODELPA in the Fiji Sun (FS 15/12/15)

It shows how polarised and venomous the difference has developed into.  It’s not covered anymore if the alleged bomb threat is any indication.  What started as the Gaunavinaka Report is proving to be a hot potatoe  within the party caucus .

It’s  obvious that the Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa is demanding  Mosese Bulitavu’s expulsion  from the party.  In return the old order is also demanding for Mick Beddoes’ scalp to resign from the party.

But that can only happen if Mr Bulitavu is subjected to rules of the party discipline according to sections 63(1)(i) and 63(4) of the constitution  even if there is suspected dubious circumstances  surrounding the outcome of the investigating committee which has been overuled by the disciplinary team.

There seems to be a series of communication problems which has developed into personal vendetta and rising tensions between northerners and the leader of the opposition’s faction. 

A show of political power has been demonstrated by laying a threat against  Mr Bulitavu’s expulsion from the party.  This has set a bad precedent for the party.

Apart from its detrimental effects on the spirit of the party through factional and coalition building stemming from differences between the old order and reformers on how things should be done, it may also affect the formal aspects of party politics like unity during parliamentary debates etc.

 They need to treat the symptoms not the cause of the conflict within the party especially in areas that make them an effective opposition, otherwise they are doomed.

Aside from everything, one thing is clear that power is widely shared within the party not wielded by the leader and his clones albeit the allegations of half truth and non-transparency.

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