Letters To The Editor, 19th December 2015.

Weather forecast Osea Sivo Naisau, Ba Fellow letter writer Geoff Taylor stated that “… just another welcome addition to what may turn out to be the greatest political scam in history
19 Dec 2015 12:57
Letters To The Editor, 19th December 2015.

Weather forecast

Osea Sivo Naisau, Ba

Fellow letter writer Geoff Taylor stated that “… just another welcome addition to what may turn out to be the greatest political scam in history surpassing the Y2K bug of 2000…”

He was referring to the findings of Australian scientist, Dr David Evans, who made a thorough research on the effects of carbon emission on weather patterns resulting in the change in climate.

A renowned mathematician with multiple degrees to his credit one cannot just sweep his theory under the carpet if he has proven evidence for backup.

If Dr Evans and others like him with scientific know-how have shown that reflected radiation from the sun causes global warming than it is a common sense necessity to take heed and listen carefully.

I have in my possession a book entitled ‘The Cancer Conspiracy’ written by Robert Taylor and Dr Robert E. Netterberg (Copyright 1981).

The authors wrote about the discovery of an anti-serum against certain bacteria associated with cancer that proved successful by Dr Michael J Scott back in the 1920s in America.

For the next 20 years other medical practitioners successfully cured cancer patients with the anti-serum in the United States.

What happened next? According to the Authors”… the medical industrial complex has erected an iron curtain of dogma around cancer research. In effect there is a conspiracy (a combination of persons banded secretly together and resolved to accomplish an evil or unlawful end) of silence and repression in the world of medical research” (Pg 1)

Mind boggling isn’t it? Why do people willfully decide to suppress good things that solves problems and instead allowing bad things to flourish.

They often want to live the lie in a fantasy world instead of  facing the truth and its reality.

As Mr Taylor concluded “… I believe the bigger nations are just dirty and need to tidy up their act and set the example for a cleaner world.”

$100 billion yearly for the next four years for developing nations makes sense if dealing with economic development.

If Dr David Evans theory hits the bull’s-eye, then maybe our accepted common world view needs some kind of a changed refresher course.

If not, then Mario’s so sad one-liner will become a reality. A very sad ending indeed.


China – a trusted friend

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Traditional rice farming was appropriately effective and applicable some 60 years ago.

It was good then but the world has changed through technology with the application of modern mechanised rice farming as the smart and most convenient way forward to sustain and boost this important industry.

Our country is littered with an abundance of unused rice farming lands which are unproductive and overgrown with grass and trees.

The government of the People’s Republic of China has stood true and firm to its friendship with Fiji through its China Aid-Fiji Rice Technical Machines Assistance to our Government at the handover in Koronivia on Thursday.

Our rice farmers and the country will benefit tremendously from this lovely gesture by the Chinese people and their government.

Through this technical assistance our rice importation bill and its reliance will ultimately drop while we collectively work to increase our locally produced Fijian Made rice that we can all be proud of.

China has now afforded Fijians the necessary tools, but we are now left to ponder and individually challenge ourselves as to how committed are we engaging in a positive productive approach to maximising on these massive kind gesture from the Chinese.

Despite the many insensitive and unwarranted critics to our Voreqe Bainimarama’s leadership and Government, it is gaining leaps and bounds in building our country’s economy in partnership with those genuine friends.

Our country’s Rewa deltas is well known for its excellent abundance of rice farming land that perhaps the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa, might want to assist her people improve their lifestyle by collaborating with Government and getting them to avail as much land as possible for rice farming.

We can all collectively benefit from her positive contribution to which our country can save millions of dollars from. She will gain the respect and positively credited for accordingly, no doubt.

China, a trusted genuine friend in good times and bad, they remain true to their commitment.


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