Letters To The Editor, 1st January, 2016

Tribute to late Sir Timoci Tuivaga Dr   Muhammad Shamsud-Dean Sahu Khan Suva It is with great regret that I have learned from the Fiji Sun newspaper yesterday of the passing
01 Jan 2016 08:53
Letters To The Editor, 1st January, 2016

Tribute to late Sir Timoci Tuivaga

Dr   Muhammad
Shamsud-Dean Sahu Khan


It is with great regret that I have learned from the Fiji Sun newspaper yesterday of the passing away of our late Chief Justice Sir Timoci Tuivaga at the age of 84.

I had known this great man since I commenced legal pra             ctice in Fiji in 1965. I came to know him very well since he was a prosecutor. His ethical practice in courts was exemplary. He was extremely fair in his prosecution of offenders and never kept away any evidence that was even against the prosecution case as he was a firm believer in fair play and justice for all.

As a High Court Judge and in particular as the Chief Justice of Fiji he displayed absolute integrity.

He even accepted and considered any complaint brought to his attention by anyone even against the members of the Judiciary.

We were very proud that we had a local Chief Justice of his qualities.

As the President of the Fiji Law Society for five years in the early 1980’s, I had the privilege to have regular meetings with him and he was very receptive and fair and gave good objective hearings.

He will be always remembered for his exemplary qualities. My wife and family wish to pay our sincere grief and sympathies with Sir Timoci’s widow Lady Raijeli and the five children for the loss of a wonderful husband, father and man.

May the Almighty grant his soul peace.


New Year

Kirti Patel,


Finally, Christmas is over and the New Year is right on us. This New Year there will be festive and hotels and resorts are fully booked. Once again there will be Police patrolling for our safety.

Let’s hope this time there’s no mishap like Christmas where the sad news of accidents and drowning emerged.

Let’s hope people party with cautioun and family gatherings be given importance to rectify the unity, not just within families but with other community members as well.

We wholeheartedly thank all those in action; be it the Police force, doctors, nurses, security guards, hotel workers and all who will be out there for us.

We are blessed to have you when celebrating this festive season.

I also would like to thank all the contributors in this column who have helped make some difference.

Let’s hope everyone ends up with some positive resolutions for 2016.

I’ve already made mine.

I hope this New Year’s bring joy and peace to all. Let’s live 2015 behind and move on with positive vibes.

Make a difference this year which can help benefit not only people around us but the whole nation.

Every little contribution counts so let’s get started.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.



Have a taste of it

Amenatave Yaconisau,


It would be a matter of ‘have a taste of it’ for countries like Tuvalu and Kiribati (who preach immediate assistance) barely weeks after the COP 21 meeting in France, evidence of weather extremes  are experienced by USA, North England, and a huge fire in Australia.

It tells them how uncertain we feel about the assault of weather extremes.

They now know the challenges we face.  For some of us water level will not recede but complete inundation of our roots (‘yavutu’).

These are good lessons although we empathise with them.


Let’s celebrate

Tomasi Boginiso,


Since I was a kid l had always thought that the New Years Eve celebration was in church where we thank the God Almighty for what the year has been to us and pray what the New Year would bring to our lives.

The hugs, kisses, songs, the ‘Lali’ beating, the tin drums, powder on our heads and the funniest of all being wet.

The action carries on for a week, two weeks in certain areas and into a month in some remote areas.

Recently there have been changes, bash parties, street parties and whatever parties have substituted our tradition.

A lot of alcohol are consumed on these days than any other day of the year. bars, pubs and nightclubs become richer than ever. The saying ‘richer becomes richer and the poor is poorer’ suits the occasion.

Whatever way we celebrate, let it bring joy and happiness to the family.

With a high number of road fatalities, booking of motorist, sexual assault cases, fires, corruption or any other matter that requires urgent attention needs to be a lesson to everyone of what 2015 has been.

With 2016 just around the corner, I wish every Fijian a prosperous New Year.

Happy New Year to you all.

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