Letters To The Editor, 5th January, 2016

ECE teachers’ needs Mohenesh Singh, Nadi I would like to thank the Fijian Government for their commitment to making Fiji a knowledgeable society through their free education for all Fijians.
05 Jan 2016 15:55
Letters To The Editor, 5th January, 2016

ECE teachers’ needs

Mohenesh Singh, Nadi

I would like to thank the Fijian Government for their commitment to making Fiji a knowledgeable society through their free education for all Fijians.

This has really taken off the burden from many parents who used to have difficulties in keeping their children in school. Last year there were lots of changes brought about in the education system in order to provide the best quality education and this has really made difference and uplifted the education standards.

However there are some important areas where more could be done and better results could be achieved.

We need to look into the working conditions of our early childhood teachers who are regarded as foundation layers of human education system. I welcome the free tuition for early childhood children.

However more ECE educations officers need to be appointed at district level to provide effective advisory support, better working conditions for teachers and monitoring of MOU conditions.

There are many ECE teachers who have not been paid on time and have issues with management’s share of payments.

I believe you all can imagine how a person will feel after not receiving their wages on time despite completion of their work.

I also request the ministry to review the working conditions of the ECE teachers.

The amount of salary they receive is very limited to meet the current cost of living. They are also not entitled to holiday pay despite it being in the contract.

ECE teaching is a novel profession but they are also human beings like any other human being.

I proposed that all ECE teachers be employed as full time teachers and can be used at their attached primary schools since they have a better understanding of child behaviour.

I strongly believe that we need to recognise and include contribution made by our early childhood teachers in Fiji.


New Year

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Finally the great Christmas is over and the New Year is right on us.

This New Year there will be many partying and once again all the hotels and resorts will be fully booked and Police will again be patrolling for our safety.

Let’s hope this time there’s no mishap like it was during Christmas where the sad news of accidents and drownings emerged.

Let’s hope people party with caution and once again the family gatherings be given importance to rectify the unity and just not within families but with other community members as well.

We once again would wholeheartily like to thank all those in action, be it the Police force, doctors, nurses, security guards, hotel workers and all included who will be out there to serve us.

We are blessed to have you all when are celebrating this festive season safely.

I also would like to thank all the contributors in this column who have helped make some difference.

Thanks for your views and ideas.

Let’s hope everyone ends up with some positive resolution for 2016. I have already made mine.

I hope this New Year’s brings joy and peace to all. Let’s live 2015 behind and move on with positive vibes.

Let’s make a difference this year which can help benefit not only people around us but the whole nation if possible.

Every little contribution counts so let’s get started.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.


The past

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Can we put a wall on the past and start with the present.

The book of Isaiah 43:18 discourages people clinging on to the past.

Yet the past experiences of individuals shape their view of the modern world.

Whether this attitude is obtained from families, schools, universities, friends and other informal relationships they have, it is what makes them what they are today.

Whether it supports the system or alienates it, it depends on the welfare of the person whether improved or declined.

It can also be a source of power to say that the reemergence of GCC provides incentive to promote corruption and exploitative relations based on class and an elitist society.

This idea is becoming widely accepted and agreed upon especially amongst urban Fijians; it seems there is a consensus.



Wise Muavono, Lautoka
For a few months, we in the West were praying for some much-deserved rain.

Now that it has rained non-stop for the last few days, some have started to whine. We really do have some ungrateful and always unsatisfied ‘people’ living amongst us.

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