Letters To The Editor, 7th January, 2016

SODELPA as Opposition  Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi   It is a foregone conclusion  that Mick Beddoes is an administrative staff of Parliament and his terms and conditions , process of appointment and
07 Jan 2016 07:46
Letters To The Editor, 7th January, 2016

SODELPA as Opposition

 Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi


It is a foregone conclusion  that Mick Beddoes is an administrative staff of Parliament and his terms and conditions , process of appointment and salaries are the jurisdiction of the Secretary General to Parliament  under section 79(8)(9)(b)(c) .

The differences between SODELPA caucus and SODELPA party may not be the problem although questions have been asked in regards to legitimacy.

It may be a problem in terms of uneven distribution of power especially when it’s monopolised by certain people resulting in competing coalition.

There seems to be an aristocratic political structure within the party where power is monopolised, rarely discussed and distributed between the caucus and party as defined.  There is also the inability to adapt to a modern party system where power is widely distributed.

There are more conflictual situation in the party that the bare eyes can see. Firstly the confusion surrounding political authority and power.  This need to be made clear to all.

Secondly, the disagreement emanating from the usage of allocated money from the Secretary General’s Office.  Some MP prefer it to be distributed as constituency allowance, few for office administration and other things.

Thirdly, is the deep difference between the leader of the opposition’s coalition and the reformers.  This may have arisen out of social class, opinions, personalities, and leadership styles.

To make it worse the party has no mechanism of reconciling these differences at all levels.  The only way is in a coercive manner via the disciplinary committee which can only provoke more disobedience and quarrels.  If it continues the way it is poised they could resort to other regrettable means.  Instability is not good for the nation.

For the interest of the nation they must come together with consideration and appreciation of each other’s situation not flowery speeches only.


FijiFirst manifesto

 Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka


Our Government’s promises comes in the form of our two lovely blue booklets. First up is our 2013 Constitution and the other is the FijiFirst party manifesto where Government had registered its promise that no Fijian will be left behind in its national movement, with a year and a quarter old after the 2014 September elections. I took time off to go through the FijiFirst manifesto to account and audit if our Government is still on course and has not deviated from its election promises in its manifesto, I quote:

“FijiFirst is a national movement dedicated to the service of our nation and to the advancement of the well being of our people, the mission of the FijiFirst is to build a just and fair society where the benefits of progress include everyone, FijiFirst believes in keeping its promise.

“FijiFirst core values will remain constant, it reaffirms its ideals to successfully govern and transform Fiji into a modern-nation state and cement its position as the preeminent Pacific Island Nation and it believes in taking a long term view to national development, we are not only solving problems today, but laying the groundwork to confront the challenges of the future, it can see ahead to guide Fijians along the best way forward.

FijiFirst will make swift changes and bold decisions and we will do what is necessary to achieve progress for all Fijians indiscriminately, FijiFirst empathises with our people, we can see the worries and concerns as well as share their hopes and dreams.FijiFirst will persevere; we can endure tough times together and will always be there for all Fijians irrespective,” unquote.

I would want to encourage all Fijians, irrespective of your political orientation, please get hold of the FijiFirst manifesto and read through it so you can personally account for the peoples Government achievements  to date. You will certainly find all of the above promises in it and be the judge.The year 2016 can only be better; the National Budget for this year is a testimony to that.


Vat reduction

 Bhupendra Prasad , Labasa


It appears that VAT reduction has cut down the prices of goods that are only under price control. Shop owners of other goods are now taking advantage and increasing profits. For example, if a pair of shoe is $25 the shop owner marks it $25.95 and tells the buyer that because of VAT reduction the price to pay now is only $25 and so on.

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