Letters To The Editor, 11th January, 2016

Human nature Fazim Sheik Tahsheen, Nadi It is funny how people are never satisfied. When the prolonged dry season took its toll, people were complaining about there being no rain.
11 Jan 2016 10:01
Letters To The Editor, 11th January, 2016

Human nature

Fazim Sheik Tahsheen, Nadi

It is funny how people are never satisfied.

When the prolonged dry season took its toll, people were complaining about there being no rain.

When it does raining, people are complaining about lot of rain spoiling their outdoor activities.

People can’t seem to make up your minds what they want. Rain is a blessing so enjoy it while it lasts.


Cash power queue

Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori

The Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) plays a vital role by providing power to the nation.

Its investment in renewable energy production to replace fuel powered generators here is commendable. It is already saving the country millions of dollars annually and they are making millions in profit every year.

I only have one humble request to FEA. Please, introduce a more efficient ‘Cash Power’ system for our rural people.

Here in Nausori, it is common to see long queues of people at Hermals Milk Bar or at RB Patel standing for hours before being served.

Nausori is the only town in Fiji that caters for three provinces – Tailevu, Rewa and Naitasiri.

Most of our rural people from these three provinces use cash power.

In this modern day and age with various technologies available, I am sure a better and more dignified ‘Cash Power’ purchasing system can be introduced. Please do something.

Polling co-ordinates

Sukha Singh,  Labasa

Could Mohammed Saneem, the Supervisor of Elections, tell us why a voter needs to know the actual co-ordinates of a polling station?

If you tell me that my polling station is St Mary’s School, Labasa, I can find it so easily. If you give me the polling station co-ordinates than you might as well give me a hand-held GPS device to pinpoint the co-ordinates.

Please educate the voters not to sell their votes like what Amir Khan is doing in the show Satemev Jayte. Fiji is a small place. Please find out how many voters could not locate their polling station in the last election. If someone has a spare GPS could you lend it to me?


Morally wrong

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

Ones sexual orientation, if homosexuals, lesbians or gay relationship, or whether in private or in total discrete from the public, it should be respected.

Although it is morally wrong, it is ones choice. Yes, our 2013 Constitution does recognise and respect that, but not in holy matrimony.

A parent simply means a male-father and a female-mother. That is how the human race and our evolution came to being.

Never in anyone’s wildest dream was a human being conceived by two same sex couples. I have yet to learn of science defying the odds of the Great Jehovah’s indescribable creations or against His Holiest will.

Yes, I do know of children being brought up by their surrogate lesbian and gay parents through adoption or they can either have a child through insemination using sperm banks and getting their female friends to conceive on their behalf with a contractual agreement.

Biman Prasad should state out clearly, as a leader, and condemn same sex marriage. Mr Prasad and Shamima Ali should not create uncertainty in the minds of our young ones.


The past

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Suva

Can we put a wall on the past and start with the present?

The book of Isaiah 43:18 discourages people clinging on to the past. Yet the past experiences of individuals shape their view of the modern world.

Whether this attitude is obtained from families, schools universities  friends and other informal relationship they have it is what that socialises them to what they are today.

Whether it supports the system or alienates it depends on the welfare of the person whether improved or declined.

It can also be a source of power to say that the reemergence of the GCC provides incentive to promote corruption and exploitative relations based on class and an elitist society.

This idea is becoming widely accepted and agreed upon especially amongst urban Fijians it seems there is a consensus.

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