Letters To The Editor, 12th January, 2016

Same sex marriage Timoci Gaunavinaka, Davuilevu I fully support my friend Eremasi Tamanisau’s article in the Fiji Sun on same sex marriage. He covered it well. We all have relatives and
12 Jan 2016 10:03
Letters To The Editor, 12th January, 2016

Same sex marriage

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Davuilevu

I fully support my friend Eremasi Tamanisau’s article in the Fiji Sun on same sex marriage. He covered it well.

We all have relatives and friends who are gays and lesbians and we love them so much. But what right are we taking away from them by disallowing same sex marriage? None! Absolutely none!

Biman Prasad shows his true “chameleon” colors on the issue.

On another note, imagine the amount of headaches institutions like FNPF will get from those who wish to withdraw on marriage grounds if such laws were approved. Before, it was Jone and Mere, but now it can also be Jone and Tomasi or Mere and Rusila.

With such laws in place it will make many things turn weird. Some children in their adoption papers may have Andrew as their mother’s name or Veronica as their father’s name and become a laughing stock in school.

As the PM said, “Not  in our lifetime”. It is that simple and clear. There is nothing to beat around the bush about.


Bible clear on matter

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

The PM Voreqe Bainimarama must be applauded for his stand on the issue of same sex marriage (FS 9/1/16).  The people of Fiji are behind you on this including the major religions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

The idea of same sex marriage is a foregone conclusion in most religions and culture and does not need to be discussed again.

The position of Professor Biman Prasad is just trying to capture the adulation of the people.

The Christian holy book, the Bible, is very clear on the matter that it’s the destiny for those who abandon God and refuse to give Him any place in their lives.  Even Noah recruited species of the opposite sex into the ark for purpose of procreation.         I don’t want to sound self-righteous  but it is also an ancient problem in the church and most have embraced the comforts of the parable of the weeds in Mathew 13(24-30) and leave it to God to do the separation, where he will tie up the weeds and decide what to do with them.  They feel free to do what they used to do but do not ask Government to formalise it by marriage.

We cannot ask them to stop their actions and embrace a puritanical approach; nobody is clean and we are all transgressors.  Let God do the separation.

But let’s not allow them to get married here but some other place

Let’s keep it that way
Tui Nayau

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Yes, I do agree with Ilisoni Taoba, the most important aspect of the installation of a chief is that the tokatoka must unanimously and unilaterally agree as to who from within their family nucleus best suites the position of the Tui Nayau, so their choice is Ratu Finau Mara, let it be, Nayau must support their nomination.

The Vakavanua-Nayau and the three chief’s and their subjects of the tikina Nayau must go ahead with the installation as the process to choosing the right candidate rests solely with the Tokatoka Vuanirewa from Tubou and that is their prerogative.

It is the norm that after the decision by the Vuanirewa clan is relayed to the tikina o Nayau, we must in consultation confirm and prepare for the installation process and date on the hillside at Delaiwawa without further ado and let’s get on with it Nayau, that is our traditional obligation.

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and the Native Lands Commissions-[NLC] through the Roko Tui Lau must all be duly informed and the necessary papers signed so that all is complied with their policy in a proactive and collaborative manner.

Nayau’s role is to traditionally install Ratu Finau and we must also remind him of his role to the Yavusa e Tolu-Devobalavu, Maumi and Liku together with what benefits we can expect from his chiefly installation as the Tui Nayau, our Government requires this to be done soon as it is long overdue.

After the many nights on Nayau during the installation process, the Batibalavu from Yadrana, Lakeba will be called up to transport and guard the Tui Nayau back to Tubou whereby the process of the veivakagunuvi, veivakatikori and the veivakadeitaki me sa buli me “Tui Lau” ka “Sau ni Vanua ko Lau” will then take place in the presence of the 14 tikina from the province of Lau together with invited guests to witness and partake in the feasting.

As for the elders of Nayau, we must now confirm an installation date for 2017 and inform all the respective stakeholders accordingly as the process to the installation confirmation for the Tui Lau and the Sau ni Vanua ko Lau will only proceed after the Tui Nayau is traditionally installed.


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