Letters To The Editor, 13th January, 2016

Same sex marriage Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi The PM seems to have been caught in a vice of conflicting loyalties between human rights and God, but he prevailed. His moral nature
13 Jan 2016 12:26
Letters To The Editor, 13th January, 2016

Same sex marriage

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

The PM seems to have been caught in a vice of conflicting loyalties between human rights and God, but he prevailed.

His moral nature seems to be upright according to world and godly standards not to what most of the antagonistic town criers like Prof Biman Prasad and Shamima Ali propound.

Even beasts and heathens would shy away from such suggestions as same sex marriage as below their standards.

It’s upsetting when leaders refuse to face facts and hide behind the skirts of ‘civil liberties’ and personal glory when they know that the majority will  prevail in this country,  that is the doctrine of the mandate demands the consent of the many.

There is no social inequality or exploitation of human rights, but the majority will.

All men are created equal with certain rights intact, but our representatives must protect the interest of the electoral majority of this country.

By all means, the framers of this thought could seek the assistance of the court if they feel strongly about their rights.

The court will enforce the wishes of the majority which has seriously been challenged here.   Lord have mercy on all of us.


Secularism marriage

Joe Gonewai, Suva

It is not surprising of the commentaries attracted by the Prime Minister’s remarks on the same sex marriage issue.

Anyone can sense the tension brewing from all interested stakeholders of the latest revelation of the State’s stance on the issue of same sex marriage.

I believe this comes from the declaration that our people in authorities have made in declaring our nation as a Secular State.

When Fiji opted for secularism statehood, we choose that our policies and status are not influenced by any religious belief or stance.

In spite of the many resistance of converting our past Christian nationhood to secularism, the authorities proceed to these changes bearing the risk of these foreseen issues raised in the coming years as done with many other nations that choose this form of statehood.

Secularism is based on human reasoning. I don’t see any independent logic human reasoning and legal perspective of stopping same sex marriage, unless the authorities will use few lines of religion reasoning to stop the introduction of matrimonial ceremony on this vulnerable group.

The use of these religious moral reasoning to deny equal opportunity and equal human rights treatment to the citizens of this country cannot hold water for long in a secular environment unless the State wishes to revert back to the Christian tailor made constitutions. They had the principle of Christian faith as the benchmark of all State policies. I would urge the State to commence the consultation of reviewing our 2013 Constitution publicly, in order to protect and preserve the true meaning of marriage that was defined by God when He created and officiated the first marriage between Adam and Eve.


Fake Tabua

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

There is a lot of fake tabua movement in our country specifically with its demand, significance and value that is synonymous with our iTaukei tradition, custom and culture. A question which we have fail to address is why so much worshiping and emphasis on a whale’s tooth?

Worshiping a whale’s tooth or is this about witchcraft? If that is not bad enough, how about the 24/7 worshiping of our traditional national homebrew yaqona?

Fiji, our beloved country is now a Secular State under our 2013 Constitution. There was, and still those specifically in SODELPA and the Opposition who fought tooth and nail that they wanted our country to be declared a Christian State.

This is even to the extent of rejecting our country’s world acclaimed Constitution because it declared and protected every Fijian’s right to worship.

A food for thought; one might want to ask the question if the tabua and yaqona are part and parcel of our Christian principles and values. Perhaps if those who oppose our 2013 Constitution and its Secular State might first want to remove the unchristian practice of worshiping yaqona and tabua then we might be able to start discussing the issue of a Christian State.

I have given up yaqona in the New Year after seeing its effect on Allen Lockington’s dry skin although I can see that he does his best to cover and smoothen it with virgin coconut oil, vaseline or Aloe Vera Cream.

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