Letters To The Editor, 17th January 2016

Daniel fast Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada It is encouraging to learn that the Christian Mission Fellowship International Church is on a Daniel fast and 21 days of prayer to
18 Jan 2016 19:55
Letters To The Editor, 17th January 2016
Letters to the Editor

Daniel fast
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada

It is encouraging to learn that the Christian Mission Fellowship International Church is on a Daniel fast and 21 days of prayer to kick start 2016.
I am involved with the young and newly-formed CMFI branch in Surrey, BC and it was a privilege to share with the church members what the fast was all about as recorded in the first chapter of the Book of Daniel.
It is winter out here and in our first week of the Daniel fast, families are feeling lighter and healthier and amazed at the money they are saving because they stopped eating meat.
From the statistics revealed by Dr Tukana regarding non-communicable diseases in Fiji and the concerns raised by the Minister of Health, I believe all Christian Churches in Fiji should follow the Daniel fast and prayer.
In context, Daniel and his friend’s knew that their relationship and worship of the one true God would be affected if they allow the rich royal food and wine from the kings table to enter their body system.
They asked to be tested for ten days on water, fruits and vegetables and as a result they looked sharp and smart when compared to those who feasted on rich food and wine.
Three years down the road on this they became 10 times wiser and more vibrant and healthy.
When we look at it, the Daniel fast is not really a fast, as they continue to eat daily but more plant-based food, drinking water and other health principles.
They maintained their healthy diet, resulting in healthy minds and bodies, because it was part and partial of their worship of their Creator and we should, like Daniel and friends, make this fast our lifestyle too.

Naval indoctrination
Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

It’s good to see that the army is doing naval indoctrination course at the Navy Training school at RFNS Stanley Brown base (FS15/1/16).
Professionalism of the army is important especially in areas that strengthen the Commanders faith in Government directives like identifying with the institution and its functions.
It should teach values that will reinforce the unity of the Naval force and indeed the army’s top brass. It should teach the sovereignty of the people and the will of the majority that promotes social equality.
It’s also good to have acquired bilateral technical cooperation with its Russian counterpart to provide military aid and the latest equipment for our peacekeepers in volatile areas. The capture of 50 personnel in Syria by terrorist group Al Nusra last year is a perfect example of the need to arm them to the teeth.
I hope they will also provide the training in the technical methods of warfare that is unique to Russians.
Am sure there are other training schemes available to other sections of the army that can only strengthen unity and professional image. These training schemes maybe provided by Russia, China, America, Australia France and NZ.
The army must remain independent and have full control of its affairs whatever the factors inhibiting it.

Adam’s image
Lawrence Narayan , Suva

The statement made by a church leader in the newspaper (10th, January), “Women are made and created in the image and likeness of God” is not supported by scripture. Only Adam was created in the image of God but after his fall, he begot a son in his own image and named him Seth. Seth was born sinful, defiled, frail, wretched and mortal, like Adam (Genesis 5:3).
When Adam was, 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness and image, a sinner like himself. This was the reverse of that “Divine Likeness” in which Adam was created having lost God’s Spirit through sin, he could not convey it to his seed and it followed that all his descendants were born in Adam’s sinful image and likeness.
However, the “Good News” is that almost 2000 years ago, God began the new creation process in mankind through Jesus Christ.
Those who believe in Jesus will be imparted with God’s life giving Spirit once again (2 Cor 5:17). Until such time no one can claim to be created in the image and likeness of God and it is wrong for church leaders to teach what is contrary to Biblical teaching.

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