Letters To The Editor, 18th January 2016

Service of JPs and Commissioners for Oath Neelz Singh, Lami This school season many students and parents are looking to certify school documentations, TIN letters and other clearance for applications
18 Jan 2016 19:59
Letters To The Editor, 18th  January 2016
Letters to the Editor

Service of JPs and
Commissioners for Oath
Neelz Singh, Lami
This school season many students and parents are looking to certify school documentations, TIN letters and other clearance for applications and other scholarship requirements to apply, and on top of that JPs and Commissioners for Oath charge for this kind of services without any issue of a receipt.
Some Commissioners charge $10 each for stamping, sighting and signing. These services are supposed to be free as they are to serve people of their community, but instead they are robbing. How pathetic is our system becoming and yet people are silent.
Well my suggestion is to pay them a random surprise visit as a client to check and apprehend then in action and naming them in public. Hope this may open some ears. Vinaka!

Fiji’s education system
Nikita Singh, Australia

The Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy in Fiji is doing a tremendous job in education reforms which has been commended by Australia and the UN Special Rapporteur on Rights to Education, Kishore Singh.
Further, it is the first time in Fiji’s history that external Fiji exam results have been released before Christmas and I must thank Mr Reddy for his leadership and the work undertaken by his staff, under his guidance.
Some of the reforms include the elimination of single ethnicity schools and the compulsory teaching of iTaukei and Hindi at a conversational level in schools which promotes respect for cultural diversity and mutual respect for each other.
A focus on reducing disparities in education for better supporting schools in rural and remote areas which are marginalised and poorly resourced.
The Minister is ensuring that all schools offer education of equal quality and opening up of closely guarded enrolments in some elite schools for the benefit of many rural students is praiseworthy.
The Government must be commended for making education free for all, including free textbooks, and for providing targeted transportation subsidies, free milk etc. to students and making pre schooling free as well from 2016.
The existing Education Act, which dates from 1978, contains many provisions which have become out-dated. For example, the Act prescribes fees to be collected in various types of schools, although current policies have eliminated all school fees.
There is an urgent need to review the present funding formula which provides money on a per-student basis disproportionately benefiting large urban schools at the expense of the small rural schools.
The Minister is currently consulting all stakeholders in his pursuit for a comprehensive modernised Act to ensure that all aspects of the right to education, including the right to full access to quality education, vocational education, role and responsibility of teachers, objectives and contents of education, and financing of education, are clearly defined.
To the armchair critics, I say be part of the consultation process if you care about Fiji’s education system.

New Year’s Resolution
Hassan Ali, Lautoka.
The best New Year Resolution for everyone would be to practice the easy, natural, effortless technique of Transcendental Meditation (T.M.)This should be an essential part of our daily routine twice a day for 20 minutes morning and evening.
We all have a mind and a body. We do take some care of the body – not the best but the mind is unfortunately left out completely.
The need for the body is food.In the same way the mind also needs food and it must therefore be given.
The food for the mind is peace and stillness at all times.
The T.M. technique is not a religion but it can immensely help you to live your religion,reduce the consumption of alcohol, smoking habits and drug involvement, all of which are harmful to good, healthy and harmonious living.
If a good number of people put the technique to use, self- sufficiency will come about without the need to heavily rely for help from service organisations, non-government

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