Letters To The Editor, 19th January, 2016

Time capsule Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi As time passed, we Fijians are all witness and testimony to the positive changes happening in our country today through our Government’s compliance to its
19 Jan 2016 10:23
Letters To The Editor, 19th January, 2016

Time capsule

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

As time passed, we Fijians are all witness and testimony to the positive changes happening in our country today through our Government’s compliance to its FijiFirst party manifesto and our 2013 Constitution.

There is an air of merry making, camaraderie and confidence with 2016 starting on a big bang.

NFP’s Biman Prasad’s accusation of our Government’s dictatorial attitude and outright rejection of bi-partisanship is childish and immature.

Welcome to the real world of politics; it is neither for young boys and girls nor for the faint-hearted and cowards.

Fiji is tailor making its new democracy the Fijian way in implementing our Government’s policy and agenda. But this is a free world Biman and realistically, the question that needs to be asked by all Fijians is, does the presence of an Opposition NFP/SODELPA in our Parliament hold any significance and relevance to our country’s progress?

Unfortunately the NFP leader is right, it is a game of numbers in our Government’s side and they just have to bear with it until the next election.

But the most logical thing to do is for all Opposition to unilaterally resign and cross the floor to the FijiFirst Government side to be seen holistically contributing and complimenting its policy in moving Fiji forward.

To oppose, oppose and oppose our Government time and time again disrespectfully as is the norm with the Opposition team.

There is no love lost in Parliament you give no respect you get none Biman.

It is regrettable the professor in economics will not accept that it was through a democratic and fair election that the authority of the majority Fijians chose to overwhelmingly mandate the people’s FijiFirst Government to rule and it was the people’s will.

Your frustrations aside please, I plead with you not to resign. But if you choose otherwise, you will be given credit for saving millions in taxpayers’ monies through your perks and salaries from the next three years left.

My saqamoli advice to the Opposition members is to please find the time and go through the history on the young democracy of Singapore; there is much to be learned today from its world standings specifically in the implementation of its hard line policies by its post independence former PM and father of Modern Singapore, it is a tested and a very successful model, and why not Fiji.


Methodist doctrine

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

I call on the Methodist Church in Fiji  to discipline all men and women of the robe  under its jurisdiction who condone practices it does not stand for.

It’s an embarrassment to the church that people who serve under the denomination support such practices. 

The stand of the church and indeed other religions and cultures in Fiji is very clear.

What is it about some men of the robe that make them blind to biblical truth?   What is it that make them change garments? Are they being responsive to new rights  under the UN or are they following a different Bible?

It looks like one of the churches early enemy has reappeared again. 

I’m petrified that such people could serve in the church when they have a command  to secure Christians to understand the Bible and save souls. Someone help!

Wrong interpretation

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

With all due respect to Lunik Liu, his interpretation regarding the vision of the unclean animals shown to Peter is both correct and incorrect and is dangerously on the side of the enemy in trying to lower God’s moral standard and character.

Brother Lunik is correct that Peter, as a Jew and a disciple of Jesus and one of the founders of the Christian Church had never in his life ate unclean animals.

Christ had to teach him an important lesson to change his mentality as a bigot.

For God’s sake, this is a vision and God was trying to get through to Peter that His salvation and blessings are not only for the chosen people but to Gentiles also-the whole of humanity. 

Christian churches err today in interpreting that Peter from that day on began eating unclean animals, so we Christians should do so likewise.

This is not biblical as it makes the God of the Bible inconsistent and that Christ not only died to redeem humanity but to make unclean animals clean and edible…God forbid!

God taught Peter through that vision and the events that followed that he should not be bigoted and that all are to be treated equally for Christ died for Gentiles also to be saved.

God respects our chosen lifestyles and sexual preferences and He will gladly receive us with open arms if we genuinely confess our shortfalls. 

He will cleanse us and transform us into His holy character in obedience to His moral laws.

God’s Kingdom will be full of gays, lesbians, drug addicts and all them that we have branded as “unfit” for the kingdom of heaven, but they will be all non-practicing ones who have been transformed by the grace of God.

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