Letters To The Editor, 2nd February, 2016

Equal rights  Kirti Patel,  Lautoka   Inoke Tuirara was extremely amused while reading a piece in this column whereby one of the writers moaned about men having no respect for
02 Feb 2016 10:24
Letters To The Editor, 2nd February, 2016

Equal rights 

Kirti Patel,  Lautoka


Inoke Tuirara was extremely amused while reading a piece in this column whereby one of the writers moaned about men having no respect for women in public buses. He is even amused at the writer’s thought on ‘’ladies’’ first gesture, only because he thinks women’s attempt of equal rights is something that we should not allow.

Well I am amused of Mr Tuirara’s thoughts. Now what about the road rules where the courtesy rules apply? People regardless of their gender; give way to drivers only because their inner conscious tells them the importance of courtesy. Likewise the courtesy also applies in the bus for females. There is also something called respect. Equal rights do not mean stop respecting females. After all it’s the sign of being a gentleman.

For that matter any such housework and work that is done by females, if done by the male or vice-versa does not mean anything is wrong. It’s no big deal. It simply means that people are helpful and it is a sign of unity. It is something to appreciate and not to make a big deal about. We live in the era where males and females are working shoulder to shoulder with each other but maintaining the respect and dignity.

Equal rights and respect comes together. Let’s do it with a little bit of courtesy. One need not be a genius to know those simple things.


FijiFirst placard 

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Delta, BC, Canada


Some rugby 7s supporters we saw on the live telecast of the World Sevens Series in Wellington had placards bearing different messages.

One funny one read, “Mum-can you give me some more money?”

Among the Fijian supporters, one young woman had a proposal card saying, Jerry can you marry me,” while others had “Toso Viti” or Go Fiji Go!

One that caught my eye that was raised by a Fiji supporter had the words “Fiji First.”

I have been trying to figure out why a Fiji 7s supporter would be carrying around a placard with the words Fiji First.

Was it because Fiji was currently top in the point’s ladder before the end of the tournament?

I believe with all the current breakthroughs the FijiFirst Government is doing throughout Fiji to add value to the lives of all Fijians, that one lone placard with the words “Fiji First” is a simple thank you to the PM and his Government by one whose life has been impacted.

It is sad to note that after all the hard work the Government is doing in reaching out to lift the lives of Fijians, most negative and anti-government lies are from Fijians living overseas.

As a FijiFirst supporter, I am hoping that more FijiFirst placards come out in future tournaments, as a faith token that Fiji will retain the series and in appreciation of the FijiFirst Government for putting Fijians first.


Heatwave increasing 

Tomasi Boginiso,  Nasinu


We seem to feel the heat as days go by. But it is predicted that it is still in the early stages and the worse is yet to come.

During these hot periods we seem to be experiencing a lot of flies and mosquitoes around and people are finding it hard to cope.

Do not cut the trees down because these is the time we will need them most.


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