Letters To The Editor, 7th February, 2016

Go Fiji Go Wise Muavono,  Lautoka   Let the games begin! As rugby 7s fans around the country gear up for the inaugural Sydney 7s of the 2016 World Sevens
07 Feb 2016 07:30
Letters To The Editor, 7th February, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Go Fiji Go

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka


Let the games begin! As rugby 7s fans around the country gear up for the inaugural Sydney 7s of the 2016 World Sevens Series, I would like to wish our 7s warriors all the best. Oh, and by the way, don’t be a whiner and just support our team whether we win the Cup or the Spoon. Areh, Go Fiji go.


Keep it clean

Osea Sivo Naisau,  Ba

Littering is becoming prevalent locally, not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas.

In the Koronubu sugarcane farming community, rubbish filled in empty bags are being thrown carelessly near cane farms or small creeks. One can tell that it’s being transported by a vehicle or on horseback at night and dumped at the site.

In urban centres like as shown in one of the dailies, heaps of rubbish along the road is in reality a sad sight.

The town council responsible is not doing anything to deal with the problem according to residents.

Urban residents paying rates to the council expects good service delivery from them for it’s their duty to do so.

Since most of these rubbish attract insects that often spread diseases. Experts have shown that most of these left for long become poisonous and can cause health problems to humans.

Health inspectors and officials should run clinics and seminars in urban and rural areas to try and address such a common sense problem.

There are rubbish that can be burnt and those that can be buried. Many homes have enough rooms in the compound to dispose rubbish this way. Someone once said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” for health is wealth.


Never ending stories

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

If there are some stories that never seem to get old and boring, it’s those childhood stories that start with ‘Once upon a time’.

We heard them when we were kids and now the children continued to get told these sorts of stories again and again. It seems like these stories will continue for quite a while. Like they say, the never ending stories usually have a line like ‘and they lived happily ever again’.


Alien Embassy

Sukha Singh,  Labasa

Jarel Aymonier the leader of RAEL Movement wants to build an Alien Embassy in Lautoka to communicate and receive aliens for an estimated cost of F$2.6 billion.

To spend $2.6 billion on the building and equipment to communicate with aliens is good for the country, but what if the aliens come and do not want to leave the country.

What if they don’t come at all? What will happen to the embassy?

Anyway I would love to meet an alien when they come to Lautoka?

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