Letters To The Editor, 11th February, 2016

‘Sir’ Ben Ryan Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi ‘Sir’ Ben Ryan is a man of vision and an extra-ordinary coach/organiser, who saw things from a perspective that’s not apparent to everybody. He
11 Feb 2016 13:44
Letters To The Editor, 11th February, 2016
Letters To The Editor

‘Sir’ Ben Ryan

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi

‘Sir’ Ben Ryan is a man of vision and an extra-ordinary coach/organiser, who saw things from a perspective that’s not apparent to everybody. He recognised that resources of the ordinary club or union in first class players and the overall organisation or lack of it, is enchanting.

The Fijian 7s team have retained their popularity and unique standing. The strength of the New Zealand 7s team opposing the Fijians, especially in Sydney, even as things stand, the match has proved to be a well-fought contest. Playing like men inspired our boys. Sometimes they took advantage of the NZ 7s side that have regarded the outcome as a foregone conclusion, or else NZ have quite simply proved to be the better side on the day.

We of course  are tremendously keen to win, but when you compare much bigger rugby nations such as NZ, Australia, South Africa, France, England, Wales  and so forth; do we have all the inhibitions, national or otherwise which are inevitably involved in an international match.

For this we must always be thankful and appreciative for the efforts and the achievements of our boys. In terms of our discipline; our boys must take on board this quote “Rugby is a game for gentlemen in all classes but, for no bad sportsman in any class”.

Chopsuey of answers

Isimeli Nalomaca,   Nasinu

With all due respect to those indigenous to this much-loved dish (self included), to save space for all, here’s a few comments on a few topics.

Respecting seniors: if you are ever in Samoa, try going to Savai’i by ferry. When we loaded last week Tuesday, guess the order? Pensioners first, rest after. And they also travel free!!!

Women standing in buses: Samoa again. When bus is full, jump on the lap of the one seated, never mind your weight! I am not even going to wonder what would our ‘men’s rights’ men will do if that policy ever happens here.

Cleanliness: third time Samoa, specifically Savai’i. How I wish our villages were half as clean as theirs.

Parliament dress code:  certainly Samoa. Check out their ‘fales’. Cuts out the need for fans and air con. Have always wondered how long we were going to continue to be ‘governed’ by the coat, tie, etc. Really looking forward to jabas and bula shirts MPs!!! Then it will be the Fijian Parliament.

Second serve?

Beaten in your own backyard

Pranil Ram, Nadi

With drubbing for our futsal side in as many matches they have played, I believe the Fiji Football Association (FFA) including the futsal management have already learned their lesson.

Surely it is an early exit for our team. With Fiji hosting this qualifying competition I believe we could have done better.

I strongly believe nothing has changed much since the last time we participated in this type tournament. I believe what we have lacked is correct structure and strong competition at district level. FFA needs to do more to lift the profile of this sport in Fiji.

With major facilities available in Suva, I am sure FFA should start planning of how to expand it to other centres. Getting beaten in your own backyard and that too handsomely is one of the most embarrassing moments that can happen to any team.

I am sure FFA through its partners have already started mapping out plans of how to lift this sports.

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