Letters To The Editor, 20th February, 2016

Nadi City? Nitesh Chandra,  Suva   I have been keenly following the news about how works are in progress to declare Nadi Town a city by 2017. One of the
20 Feb 2016 10:58
Letters To The Editor, 20th February, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Nadi City?

Nitesh Chandra,  Suva


I have been keenly following the news about how works are in progress to declare Nadi Town a city by 2017.

One of the tasks undertaken to achieve this is to increase the town boundaries. While this looks rosy on the paper and public speeches,

I would like to ask the minister responsible for towns and cities if he has, in the past year, walked the streets of Nadi Town and looked around for basic public amenities.

If you stand on the main street of Nadi and a call of nature comes and you need to find a toilet, there is no way a tourist, let alone a citizen of Nadi, will know where to find one. If I am right, there are only two public toilet facilities in Nadi – one towards the bus stand side of the Nadi Market and one available at the bus stand.

Am I correct to assume that the town councillors and the minister are OK with tourists and locals rushing from the middle of the town, make their way to the market end should the need to use a toilet arises. That too, if you are on foot. If you are in a vehicle,

I am sorry the town guardians are not responsible because by the time you will find space to park, pay for it and rush out, it may be too late. Oh and if are elderly, you definitely should not be in Nadi Town.

What about baby friendly toilets for parents and children?

Visitors to the town are left at the shopkeepers’ mercy and what is perplexing to understand is that this seems quite acceptable to the council.

Nadi is supposed to be the best town in Fiji because of its access to tourists but if you look around Nadi Town it’s nothing one would expect.

There is no thought process behind how and where to place rubbish bins, there are no public convenience conveniently located or marked that is maintained by the council.

Isn’t this a responsibility of a town council? Are they too busy collecting town rates and deciding who gets to cut the grass?

I will not even start about Namaka and how many public conveniences the town council has allocated there.


Mosquito threat

Shalend Singh,  Lautoka


Just like climate change, threat from mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, zika and chikungunya are real.

Every year, the Ministry of Health reports alarming data regarding dengue fever cases, which also claimed 13 lives in 2014.

Enough awareness has been created daily especially by the media regarding the above chronic public health problems.

Every citizen is aware that prevention by destroying the breeding grounds of mosquito vectors is by far the best solution to tackle mosquito-borne diseases. The real problem is the laxity on the part of our citizens in practicing the preventative measures.

Fiji needs effective on the spot fixed penalty mechanism to ensure that citizens do take measures to destroy breeding grounds and clear overgrown grass and bushes from their premises.

No wonder the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been very effective in their enforcement campaigns.

I hope our Government will take this threat seriously and review the out-dated Public Health Act without any more delay incorporating fixed penalty system for offences related to public health importance before it’s too late.

While we salute the great work of municipalities in conducting quarterly free clean-ups, more work is needed from Government for rural densely populated areas where garbage and refuse collection services are not provided.

One can just imagine the means of disposal for mosquito breeding grounds like cans, bottles, tyres, containers, etc in areas without any collection service and its effect towards mosquito population.

In the meantime, I urge all citizens to have pride and act swiftly to prevent any future outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases.

God bless our beloved Fiji.


Cyclone warning

Apenisa Koli,  Lautoka


As the weather office in Nadi issues a cyclone warning I am calling on all Fijians to be on full alert because disasters do happen.

It is our responsibility to heed the warnings because it will save lives.

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