Letters To The Editor, March 9th 2016

Moving QVS Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada   I believe that the plan to relocate current Victorian students into other schools was because it was estimated that the school would be back
09 Mar 2016 09:56
Letters To The Editor, March 9th 2016
Letters To The Editor

Moving QVS

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada


I believe that the plan to relocate current Victorian students into other schools was because it was estimated that the school would be back up and running after a couple of months.

Now that we are told that the school may take more than one year to be fully repaired and running, then Vonolagi’s suggestion should be the way to go.

The principal of QVS said during their thanksgiving service at Centenary Church in Suva that teachers are still waiting in school for the students to return.

Parents, guardians, old scholars and QVS supporters want the current students to be relocated as a unit to one place and we all know, as suggested by Vonolagi, that the Laucala Bay Secondary School should be the temporary relocation site.

Fulton College is another possible relocation site which has all the facilities for a boarding school.

We can only suggest and raise our opinions but in this case, the Education Ministry calls the shots.


The ‘W’ impact

Arien Kumar,  Nadi


Whether we call it the wicked ‘W’s’ or the unpredictable ‘W’s’, the whole nation or even the whole world is wondering today.

‘Wind, Water, Wave, Weather and Winston’ the so-called ‘W’s’ are the main reasons of what we are today.

Weeping today we can say that if Wind, Water and Wave get wild then they can create destructive weather conditions which can create a monster like Winston.

Wicked Winston has taught us a very good lesson that disasters have no mercy whether you are from the East or West, whether its summer or winter, Monday or the weekend, whether you are black or white, poor or wealthy, strong or weak, men or women, an animal or wellbeing humans.

All have to expect the worst as they (disasters) are nobody’s friend or relative.

The wrath of Winston left people watching with widely open watery eyes as their lifetime dreams got wrecked, wiped out and washed away within minutes or hours.

We Fijians will rise again by using the same ‘W’ impact. Let’s turn ‘I’ into ‘We’ first.

Together we can address whatever, wherever or whichever the need is or are for our people of Fiji.

We have to think, plan and work wisely using whatever is with and around us rather than waiting and watching.

Let’s all join together from wealthy hands to healthy hands and assist in rebuilding for the people and the nation.

There are many ways we could assist provided we make a move today trying just one way. Then only probably we would be able to see other or many ways open to assist.

We Fijians can’t forget or will never forget to acknowledge the kind, generous and timely assistance and support received so far from our Government, military and Police, other countries, NGO’s, businesshouses, our families, relatives, neighbours (especially), friends and well-wishers.

With the Fijian smile on our face, we will soon be warmly welcoming all saying ‘All is Well’ here in Fiji.

Whatever from worthy turned to be waste, will soon be worthy again from waste because our will power is now even stronger than the wildly and whistling winds of Winston.

We Fijians strongly believe that ‘Happiness.. Is when we realise how blessed we are for what we have’.

The whole world will once again say that “Fiji the Way the World Should Be”.



Serevi interview

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  B


Waisale Serevi was full of praise on how the 7s game is now being played and have evolved throughout the World Sevens Series during his interview in the Las Vegas tournament.

However, there was no special mention of our country and the many Fijians affected by TC Winston.

During his interview where he is on record when asked, which is the in form team of the day, this was his answer and I quote; “South Africa is the team to beat” with no mention of the Fijian national team.

I am surprised to see Serevi basking in the victory parade with the boys after our Vodafone Fijian 7s team was victors. People can change, so is my old scholar from Gau.

Despite the boys bug attack during the tournament they played their hearts out for our children, women and men who were severely devastated by the extensive damage caused by the monster Cyclone Winston, and are left with barely nothing to survive on.

Vinaka du riki vakalevu Ben and the boys for the sacrifice and the victory; a very big dhanyavad to all our USA Fijian fans for the kind thoughts on the funds raised for our cyclone victims during the Las Vegas event.



Unsung hero

Pranil Ram, Nadi

I strongly believe Jasa Veremalua has been the unsung hero of the Vodafone Fijian 7s team.

His basketball-type passes has been the trademark of his game. I still recall his early playing days at Red Rock, and his rise to rugby stardom has been a swift one.

As a player he has matured well. Getting game time from the bench and now in the full run-on squad has allowed him to take his game to another level. His versatility, elusiveness and uncanny skills have made him the leading player on the World Rugby Sevens performance tracker list.

No doubt he will play a bigger role in Fiji’s quest to win a gold medal at the Rio Olympics.


Stronger than Winston

Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori

Vinaka vakalevu to Ben and the team for a superb victory at the Las Vegas 7s. The manner in which you won really demonstrated the resilience of the Fijian people.

To claim victory after going down in your first pool game to Samoa reminds us that although we may have suffered so much in the aftermath of Winston, we can still pick up the pieces and rise again beyond all expectations.

Scoring 21 points in the second-half of the final to claim victory after trailing 0-15 at halftime reminds us of the odds that are currently stacked against our people. You showed us that we can recover and flourish again if our will and faith is strong enough.

Your spirit of unity and playing for each other reminds us that if we unite and work together and care and help one another, we will raise from the dust and rubbles of this devastation to a newer and greater heights.

Playing with only 10 men but to reclaim the title in the final because of sickness and injuries reminds us that even if our homes and lives are shattered and Winston may be the strongest cyclone in the bottom half of the globe, it is never stronger than our Fijian spirit.

Thank you for convincing us that we are truly stronger than Winston.



Good old soldiers

Joji O. Toronibau,  Tunuloa


Skimming through both local dailies, I meet an old buddy who I was well acquainted during our stint at the Republic of Fiji Military (RFMF) Engineers Corps in the 80s to 90s.

None other than a hard working intelligent young gentleman from Koro Island named Niumai Moce who cruised in the HMNZS Canterbury as a Kiwi Logistic Sergeant. I could not actually recognise him through his glasses, but hi, my old buddy if you are reading this letter, thank you for coming back, and congratulations.

Good old soldiers never die, they just fade away with time.


Las Vegas luck

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

I thought we were overwhelmed until Kitione Taliga came in and ignited the ‘post TCW’ win that saved us from the jaws of defeat to a young fired-up Australian 7s side.

Some mysterious force subdued our traditional rugby nemesis (ABs, Springboks and England) and allowed us the way through.

At halftime I was convinced that victory was not going to be ours; than it was Taliga’s magic wand that turned gloom to victory.

Savenaca Rawaca again sealed victory with his admirable run to the try-line. He saved us from the Japanese onslaught a few weeks earlier. From thereon I had no reason to doubt that victory will be ours and culpability for the team waned.

Ben Ryan’s players put back smiles on badly shaken Fijians reeling from the menace of TCW. I have every confidence in the quality of Ben’s coaching and the ability of his boys.

We seem to have something going on with Englishmen in our 7s rugby. Go, Fiji go.




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