Letters To The Editor 20th, March, 2016

Tertiary Education Loan Scheme board Shavneel Kumar,  Nadi   This letter is in regards to the TELS board. As a student at Fiji National University I applied for accommodation support
20 Mar 2016 10:00
Letters To The Editor 20th, March, 2016

Tertiary Education

Loan Scheme board

Shavneel Kumar,  Nadi


This letter is in regards to the TELS board. As a student at Fiji National University I applied for accommodation support and other expenses which is promised to be paid under TELS.

I did apply it in Week Four of this trimester and yet there is no response from these people and its Week Nine now.

Not only me but also my friend did apply but none of them are getting it so my plea to these people is to hurry up, as it may result in school dropouts which is not the aim for this government.


Responsibility of nurses

Indar Jit,  Navua


The Health and Medical Services Minister Jone Usamate is urging nurses to treat their patients with the uttermost care.

He urged the nurses after receiving the number of reports from the public on lack of compassion shown by nursing staff.

Every profession has a code of ethics that outlines the ethical responsibilities of practicing as a member of that profession. Code of ethics for the nursing profession tend to focus on the professional behaviour and making sure that decision-making is patient-driven as much as possible.

A nurse must respect the dignity and value of patients and colleagues,and treat all equally regardless of personal attributes or medical condition.

Related to this is the responsibility to always respect the patients’ rights to self-determination in his/her medical care.

One of the nurses’ primary ethical responsibilities is to work with the patient to provide care that enables the maximum physical, emotional and social well being of the patient.

A nurse is also responsible for protecting and advocating for patients’ safety and rights,especially in terms of upholding the highest standard of patients’ privacy and confidentiality according to the law.

While enlisting, a nurse should understand that he or she is joining a workforce where they will be required to deal with many kinds of sickly patients.

They should understand their attitude and behaviour and show respect to every patients.


Walk the talk

Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori


It is really irritating to read comments by people who continue to criticise foreign governments as if they have done anything significant themselves.

These countries have given millions of dollars worth of assistance to our people. What has any of these big mouth critics done for our people affected by severe Tropical Cyclone Winston ?

If you cannot contribute anything positive like these foreign countries, Fiji Government, various organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGO), businesshouses, civil groups, etc, have done then please zip it.

Right now, Fiji needs people who can walk the talk. Not those who can just talk the walk.


Pill free

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Delta, BC, Canada


There has been a lot said about antibiotics in the dailies lately and it seems that we as a nation are kind of promoting it.

Lest we forget, our parents and fore-fathers never popped a pill or sought antibiotics when they were not feeling well.

They either had a good rest, changed their diet, drank plenty of water, reached out for known herbal remedies and were back on their feet.

Today, we ignore the simple God-inspired health rules and follow the western lifestyle of abusing our health and taking pills to fix our sickness.

Our body’s immune system is strengthened when we look after it through good nutrition from plant-based foods, exercise, drinking water, exposure to sunlight, good rest and being temperate in all things.

When we understand God’s simple health rules, we will kind of know that feeling sick is the result of breaking one or more of the health rules which could be reversed when we do the right thing.

Pills including antibiotics are man-made and have its side effects.

When we adults ignore living a healthy lifestyle and start popping pills in our system for every discomfort or pain, our children will follow suit and our statistics for Non-Communicable Diseases will keep increasing.


Need help

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi


Recently most of the remote parts of Tova Settlement,Vunikavikaloa in the Ra province and Coplott Street at the back of the fire station at Naiyala in Ra have been badly affected by Cyclone Winston.

Houses have been badly damaged, some are still homeless till date and some are still in evacuation centres.

They are in need of relief supports like food, tarpaulins, blankets, clothing, medicare measures etc.

They need a permanent shelter where they will live with their loved ones.

These areas have not been visited and I am appealing to  non-governmental organisation’s (NGO) and those making assessment and distribution on the ground to quickly visit these areas and extend your kind co-operation for the victims of Cyclone Winston.

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