Letters To The Editor 21st, March, 2016

Tribute to Rabeni Pranil Ram,  Nadi I am sure the rugby world and the rugby-loving public of Fiji are still in a state of shock after hearing the news of
21 Mar 2016 09:00
Letters To The Editor 21st, March, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Tribute to Rabeni

Pranil Ram,  Nadi

I am sure the rugby world and the rugby-loving public of Fiji are still in a state of shock after hearing the news of untimely death of one of the greats of modern day rugby, Seru Rabeni.

A true Fijian warrior who had his country at heart, representing Fiji in two Rugby World Cups, was surely an amazing feat.

I believe he had so much to offer to rugby but God had other plans for him. His teammates described him as an unbelievable player and even a better person off the field. He had quick legs, and fantastic step and off course a massive man. I am sure for some he was a hero.

He has left a lasting footprint for our budding rugby players. RIP Rabeni.


Bad taste

Samu Railoa,  Nadi

Mere’s death in Navua last week was hurtful and it touched many hearts.

It is rather unfortunate however that when the family is trying to get closure at her tragic passing, The Fiji Sun runs the story a day after her burial with the title ‘Raped Mere Buried’.

The headline is derisive of the young girl and her family and hints at a lack of creativity and sensitivity on the part of the newspaper.

I ask you to do the right thing.


Editor’s note: See Editorial on page opposite  headlined‎ ‘Rape is a brutal problem; It’s time to be outraged and do something.’



Safety and children

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

While one sympathises with family members and friends of the late Mere Ailevu                 , the manner in which her life was taken has certainly sent shock waves across the nation.

Many are still trying to come to terms with this case, raising some questions. How safe are our children in our communities or neighbourhoods? Whom can we trust? What has happened to the values in society?

One hopes that individuals with information come forward by approaching Police immediately, who are possibly working around clock to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice.


Zero litter enforcement

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

A question was asked on why the Nadi Market is cleaner than the Lautoka Market.

He should have instead rephrased his question and ask, “Why are all the municipal markets in Fiji cleaner than the Lautoka Market?”

Now let me inform you why. There is no enforcement of the market by-laws on littering at the Lautoka Market. Laxity has become a norm in enforcing litter laws hence the vendors litter whenever and wherever. The $40 spot fine warnings might as well be removed, it is just for decoration.

End of the day, it is the cleaners that suffer; getting blamed for the untidiness even though they work to their utmost ability to keep the market premises clean.

They’re always picking up discarded vegetables, root crop peelings, etc, that the vendors throw left right and centre even though the empty bins are just beside their tables.

When you enter the fish market you will notice vendors gutting and scaling fish like they were out in the open sea. There are warnings on the walls but hey, why worry when there is zero enforcement.

Enter the new market extension and guess what, it ain’t new anymore. It will take a 15s rugby team to keep it neat and tidy on a daily basis considering the amount of littering by the vendors.

This issue on zero enforcement has been kept silent for sometime but not anymore. Yes, it will cause certain people to dislike me but I don’t really care. These are facts and I have photos to prove it.

To my friend the Minister of Local Government, please stay tuned in for more on the litter enforcement-free Lautoka Market.

  1. Part 2 I will be more in depth into the daily operation of the Lautoka market.




Palm Sunday, Easter

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

Palm Sunday in 2016 would be remembered for a long time as Fijians recovering from the devastation of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston look back at Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a colt.

In doing so, Jesus fulfilled the prophecy and sent out a message that He was the promised Messiah the Jews were waiting for.

But the pre-conceived idea of the people in their wrong interpretation of Scriptures, expecting a Messiah who will lead a revolt to free them from Roman leadership, turned the cries of “Hosanna to the Son of David” to “Crucify Him”, just five days later.

As we enjoy and remember Palm Sunday despite the devastation and hardships, let us not forget that every step Jesus took beginning on that Palm Sunday over 2000 years ago, was a step towards His redeeming death for the salvation of mankind.

Neither Satan nor any power on earth could stop His death as this was His rescue mission for humanity.

He did not throw in the towel for you and I and whatever situation we are in after the devastation of TC Winston, He will never give up on any of us who genuinely believe and trust in Him.

He rose on the third day and the empty tomb is the subject of the new movie Risen.

Christ’s life, death and resurrection is an example of what believers will go through when they accept Him as Lord and Saviour.

Despite the devastation, Christ will give us a new life and we will rise again here on earth and again when He comes to take His people home.




Teacher’s attitude

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

That 24-year-old teacher, Sharita Kumar, epitomises the highest level of commitment, passion, dedication, discipline, courage, guts, resilience, selflessness and the love for her noble teaching profession.

She outshines and is setting a standard with a glowing example of patriotism to her childish colleagues from QVS and others.

That is a show of sacrifice and a display of a positive attitude. Ms Kumar, although you teach in one of our remote islands, you seem to display a love and respect for those many Mavana school students you teach; they are your children and our future leaders in the many years to come.

Although you were severely hurt from the monster cyclone and airlifted to Suva for urgent medical treatment, your radiant picture in our dailies returning by ship to Vanuabalavu on  Sunday, March 13 is a show of women power, strength and true to one’s calling to serve and deliver our Ministry of Education services at your faraway school.

This is indicative and is a credit to your great parent’s upbringing, such good parents you have Lewa.

You are a shining example of one with good leadership qualities and a role model to those struggling unfortunate school children from the northern Lau and I am sure they will welcome you back with open arms despite their island struggles.

I would like to request Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote, the President of the Republic of Fiji and his College of Honours, to please kindly bestow a Medal of the Order of Fiji to Ms Kumar for being exemplary, courageous and sincere to her call of duty as a teacher in the face of hopelessness and devastation from the rubbles post TC Winston.

I stand ready as her nominee to the Honours Sir; we need more teachers in the likes of Sharita Kumar.



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