Letters To The Editor, 22nd March, 2016

Rape is about violence not sex Jean Hatch,  Nadi Thank you for your editorial today (yesterday) urging awareness through the media to bring public attention to the issue of rape;
22 Mar 2016 10:09
Letters To The Editor, 22nd March, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Rape is about violence not sex

Jean Hatch,  Nadi

Thank you for your editorial today (yesterday) urging awareness through the media to bring public attention to the issue of rape; whether it is perpetrated against children, women or men.

Rape is not about sex or lust or clothing. It is about violence, domination and abuse.  Attitudes to sexuality, including misogyny and patriarchy, violence and abuse of the most vulnerable in any society, reflect core issues deeply entrenched within a society – and our being. Don’t they? . . . attitudes that dehumanise either gender.

Education about violence and its connection to rape needs to be understood in our homes as well as in schools, in legislation, in prison rehab programmes, in religious groups / institutions everywhere – so that it is never tolerated, no matter what.

Even in our religious institutions, there is often poor teaching that wrongly condone violence as a means for submission – opposed to discipline. Or that dehumanise sexuality to something not linked indelibly to our human identity as men and women. This is appalling and plainly wrong.

If we allow or foster by denial, any cultural values that lend themselves to abuses, even by ignorance, and we do not question such abuses of power by whomever wields it – the end result is continued violence; even at its worst in gang rape and murder.

Each and everyone of us is accountable for our choices and actions, or lack of them; our denial by hiding things. If we don’t look to change some of our fundamental attitudes and denials that condone violence or abuse in our home families – then rape will be a natural extension of this, because its about violence, and degrading our humanity – not sex or lust.Rape is about violence and domination of another human being – not sex.

It has little to do with clothing, or lust or any such excuse.



 Child Rape in Fiji

Zeba Ali,  Sigatoka

Child rape has been rapidly increasing in our country. From a nine-month-old, nine-year-old, 14 to 16-years-old.

The innocent girls are raped and thrown. What are the actions taken against this?

The maximum penalty should be life imprisonment. Do you even believe that this punishment is sufficient for such an inhumane crime. Certainly not!

We need harsher penalties like death penalty. A harsher penalty will set an example to rapists!

People relate rape with the dressing style. So to that, instead of diapers what should baby girls be given to wear?? Long dress.

I personally feel that we need to make our country safe for the girl child as well as the ladies. The mentality of such lustful men needs to change.

I have one question to Fiji Women’s Right Movement, do you guys think pamphlets and posters can eradicate a crime like rape?

Why aren’t we, ladies, asking for a harsher penalty for crimes like rape.

A humble request to the Government, please look at this issue. It’s not a small crime.

The girls are no longer safe in our country. There is a greater need to eradicate the crime as well the criminal.

Please place a harsher penalty, if possible, then bring such child rapists to the public and let them feel ashamed for their inhumane act. A strict action is vital to ensure safety in our society for girl child.


Thank you FEA workers

Mira Nadan, Ba

I am writing this simple note to thank all the FEA workers around the country.

I have seen some of them struggle during the day….heat waves, rain and then to top it all . . . they work during the night with very little support.

It is truly amazing how they have coped as everyone wants to know when they will have power restoration in their areas.

I can’t thank you guys enough. True Heroes!!!



Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

All Fijians connected to the Fiji Eelectricity Authority grid must have expected a drop in their monthly bill because to the days/weeks of blackout experienced Fiji wide post Tropical Cyclone Wilson.

Well this ain’t the case. FEA must have just did an estimation on all it’s customers, hence you pay roughly the same amount, even though our usage was much less. Sad eh ?


QVS name change

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

May be our Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy might want to contemplate on changing the Queen Victoria School name to that of our kai Sabeto from Nadi after a cabinet approval and rename it the “Dr Satendra Nandan College”.

He is a scholar, a locally and internationally acclaimed academic, a poet, a guru in written English literature, a prolific writer, an ardent contributor to our dailies and author to the many written books of his, now and that of yester years.

QVS is basically an all boys boarding institution, but it would have been appropriate if it was named after an all girls school.

Many had opposed our country’s world acclaimed 2013 Constitution, they are the same people opposing our new Fijian flag and national identity.

They are the very same ones and groups that are working against our Government’s desire to make a better Fiji, a literate and modern sovereign Pacific Country.

Change is inevitable, we will all have to move with the time and accept the FijiFirst Government’s mandated agenda.




Heroic tales

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Suva

The heroic tales of many people who give their life on behalf of others is unbelieveable. Some are almost crazy and madness.

Their conscience tells them that danger is at hand; yet they ignore it   They go out of their way just to help others as if everything will be okay.  This is a sure sign in their trust in God for whatever Tropical Cyclone Wilson will dish out they are not afraid and whatever the future brings is of little effect.

He trusts his God will keep him and not let go.  The same kind of valor found in battlefield.On  a mourning note I thank the Fiji Rugby Union  for farewelling  our rugby warrior  in his final march carried  by former RKS mates and FRU mates .  It will be one way march for all of us one day.

The token of sympathy (tabua) by Paula Biu on behalf of the FRU speaks a lot of the joint sympathy they hold for such a fine young man  who departed prematurely and suddenly.

He would have been happy to know that Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and Francis Kean are involved in the rehabilitation of Fiji.  RIP Seru.

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