Letter To The Editor 31st, March, 2016

Driver’s plea Neelz Singh, Lami   Five hundred and fifty-six traffic offences were recorded by Police during the Easter break. Most of them were drunk driving, speeding, careless driving, other
31 Mar 2016 09:51
Letter To The Editor 31st, March, 2016

Driver’s plea

Neelz Singh, Lami


Five hundred and fifty-six traffic offences were recorded by Police during the Easter break.

Most of them were drunk driving, speeding, careless driving, other running offenses.

Thanks to Easter bunny there were NO road fatalities!

It seems traffic offences committed by provisional drivers were on rise.

Where are their defensive skills? What happened to driving courtesy?

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) should focus on educational awareness programme.


Crime penalty

Akhila Nand, Suva


The Bainimarama-led Government should consider re-introducing the death penalty. Any person found guilty of rape, murder and other serious crimes should be hanged.

Earlier this month I was robbed of two hundred dollars, shopping list, BSP ATM card and MHCC flash and gain card along Nina Street near the pharmacy.

I was on my way to the supermarket to do my monthly shopping and the time was 10.40am.

It was taken from my shirt pocket and it was inside an envelope.

I did not report the matter to Police because a few years back my wife was robbed of one hundred dollars cash and necklace. Although she had reported the matter to Police, no action has come about to date.

The robbers, I believe, are working in gangs and they rob people very fast and run away.

I also believe that the Police and Army should work together so that criminals are caught and punished by law.


Queen’s invitation

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva


I am glad that the HOS Mechanical Engineering Joji Marau has been invited to attend Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday banquet (27/3/16).

While Fiji is going through the process of severing links with the crown on its flag we are thankful that the Queen still has fond memories of us as its former colony, especially the retention of our cultural aspects in the Norwich museum.

The impact of British colonial domination here is obvious including its Westminster model of government, religion, education and national language that make us part of the free world until now.

Britain even had one of its frigates named HMS Fiji built in Scotland but was unfortunately sunk by German fockwulfe fighters in 1941 during the battle for Crete in 1941.

I wish Joji Marau an enjoyable trip on behalf of Fiji.

On terrorism it seems that the military may interfere in politics to protect its citizens in the face of danger and insatiable blood appetite of terrorists.

If violence especially the killing of innocent people continues citizens challenge to the right to rule by civilian government will start to erupt.

Such act of insubordination is obvious in Brussels where rowdy protesters were controlled by Belgian Police.

We have to fight to have the liberty of having a long natural life not be murdered by these bloodthirsty beings.

It will just be a matter of time when the army will confront these helpless civilian governments if such carnage is not stopped.

The army will just add to its strength by its enthusiasm to defend its citizens against extremist.


Pacific Rugby

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

We along side Samoa, Tonga seems to the forgotten in the Rugby world. We might not have the money that the World Rugby is after but we have the guts to take anyone on the field.

The Pacific blood is present in every powerhouse Rugby nation of the world, and most have become stronger and stronger through the Pacific ties.

The forgotten Pacific was clearly notice when a Japanese and Argentina side were part of the Super Rugby this year. Fiji was part of the introduction of the Super Rugby.

Fiji and Samoa has been dominating the Sevens Rugby but has not given a chance to host a Rugby seven series.

With the recent action by the World Rugby towards the Tongan Rugby Union seems childish and the are suppose to developing Rugby to the nation rather than holding them responsible to something beyond their control.

We should get behind the future of Rugby in the Pacific and protest in whichever way we can to show solidarity.



Seasonal work woes

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada


Allow me to share my opinion as a recruitment agent on the seasonal work woes, where we have Fijian seasonal workers in Australia walking out because of being underpaid and exploited.

I believe the Ministry of Labour did not perform its due diligence when they sent out the Fijian seasonal workers to Australia.

They have a law whereby all recruitment agents are to pay a bond of $20,000 as a safety measure should any problems happen to our Fijian workers and that before leaving the country, the employer, worker and the MOL should sign a contract, ensuring that the work is genuine, the pay and other necessary details.

I believe this was not done because the ministry is the governing body, does not have to pay the $20,000 bond and is allowed not to follow its own laws.

Anyone who has done seasonal work will know that fruit picking is not an hourly paid job.

Workers are paid by the quantity, where the more one picks the more money one earns.

I believe the workers were not explained this, and to be taxed on top of it really hurts. But all this is avoidable had the ministry did its due diligence in the first place.

Seasonal work in Australia and New Zealand should be handled by the private sector who paid a bond of $20,000 to get their recruitment licence and who are willing to have its own people working in the farms to ensure our people are happy.

But as it is, Government has its own recruitment agency and the seasonal work agreement made with Australia and New Zealand cuts off Fijian recruitment agents who have paid their $20,000 bond.

I believe Fiji can be sending seasonal workers by the hundreds if our own recruitment agents are given a piece of the pie.




Wise Muavono, Lautoka


A husband contracted the “cika” and the wife didn’t allow him to share the same bed with her. After a few unsuccessful attempts like suggesting to just lie facing the other way, tying a cloth over his eyes etc, their son just quipped, “Ta, dara ga nomu welding shield.” (Dad, just wear your welding shield).

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