Expect An Exciting Race Day Tomorrow

  Hello fellow car lovers. Exciting day coming up tomorrow with the Fiji Car Club’s first event for the year to be held at the Nanuku Aerodrome in Pacific Harbour.
02 Apr 2016 13:25
Expect An Exciting Race Day Tomorrow


Hello fellow car lovers. Exciting day coming up tomorrow with the Fiji Car Club’s first event for the year to be held at the Nanuku Aerodrome in Pacific Harbour.

Obviously we would have loved to start earlier on, but due to the cyclone, we had to postpone it. Usually we start at the beginning of March but we understand what the country was going through and thus postponed the event.

We will be seeing our champion driver – Ravindra Nath – participate who has held the record of 9.75 seconds for 14 years now which is the best ever. I am pretty sure he is geared up to defend his title again tomorrow and aim for a new record.

We can’t leave out Mr Tauz Khan who I am pretty sure wants to get his glory days back and claim back the very title he once used to hold. It has been a long 14 years for him to have not won the first place title. Let’s see what he has to offer us tomorrow. He had been very convincing in the cyclone relief appeal drags we had in March – his car did very well.

Also seasoned racer, Mr Lawrence Ah Sam – we cannot count him out either. He has been racing for a long long time. And I always say, Mr Ah Sam’s car has the most powerful engine in Fiji. We will have to wait and see tomorrow if he can put that power on the ground.

We will have our regulars – specialist drag car owners – Vicky Nath, Amal Singh, Saten Prasad of Nadi and few others.


Entry and registration

I urge spectators to come out in full force with your family and enjoy your day at the tracks. We will be providing tents for the spectators but we do encourage you to get your own tents and spend some good quality time with your family whilst watching some of Fiji’s top racing vehicles.

To promote women spectators, we will not be charging any fees for their spectator entry. Also, spectator entry will be free for children under 12 years.

Race car drivers – please remember the registration will start at 9.30am and go up to 11am. During this period, we will also conduct vehicle inspections. If you come and register between 11am to 12.30pm, we will charge a late race registration fee which will mean an additional $50. We will not accept entries for competition after 12.30pm.


Driving under influence

The Fiji Car Club was very disappointed that even with all the warnings given by the Fiji Police Force and Land Transport Authority, people are still driving under influence of alcohol.

A large number of drivers were caught over the past long weekend which is totally unacceptable. I request the LTA to implement harsher penalties for those caught driving under influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, the Fiji Car Club has decided that if any of the FCC members are caught driving under influence and gets convicted by the Court, we will immediately suspend their membership. We will also involve our disciplinary committee to look into the particular member.

I urge everyone to please do not drink and drive. It is as simple as ABC. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a big time no-no. You need to think about other road users whom you can hurt or kill because you decided to drive under influence of alcohol.

On this note, I would like to thank the Fiji Police Force who did a tremendous job over the Easter weekend with the traffic police all over the country. It is very unusual for us to see no road deaths happened during the Easter weekend.

I must thank the Police Commissioner, the Director Traffic and his entire traffic police team for a job well done.



If you want to be part of Fiji Car Club, contact Sandeep Prakash on 9274726 or Rahul Rajesh on 9928114.

They will be most willing to help you in becoming part of the Fiji Car Club. You can also visit our Facebook page – Fiji Car Club AKA Fiji Motor Sports and stay updated with any latest developments.
Raizal Haniff is the President of the Fiji Car Club. This will be his regular feature in our Sun Wheels to keep readers updated on the latest from the Fiji Car Club.


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