Letters To The Editor, 3rd April, 2016

Aiana programme Avinesh Sen, Nasinu   I wish to comment on the ‘Aaina’ programme that came over the air on Wednesday, March 30. The guest on the show was Shamima
03 Apr 2016 09:32
Letters To The Editor, 3rd April, 2016

Aiana programme

Avinesh Sen, Nasinu


I wish to comment on the ‘Aaina’ programme that came over the air on Wednesday, March 30.

The guest on the show was Shamima Ali, who, throughout the programme, spoke at length about the sexual harassment issues at the evacuation centres around the country.

To my amazement, and during the whole time she spoke, not a single data was presented as evidence to the listeners to quantify the actual problem. We all know that evidence is the key to substantiate any allegation and hear say cannot be accepted by the educated public listening out there.

I am not disputing the fact that such things can happen at the evacuation centres, but what I am concerned about is the way this issue is being presented to the public.

I am aware that there are some who would like to make a real issue out of nothing and I hope this issue does not fall in these criteria.

A small advice also to the host, please ensure that the contents of such programmes are fact-based and supported through evidence or else it does not make any sense.

Call lines were open for victims to make calls and share stories but not even a single victim called over. The only data that has been made public by the Police is just one such incident that happened in Savusavu.

Please do not let such an auspicious programme become a medium for struggling NGOs to make noises.

We, the public need facts and not fictitious stories.



Sunshades on tracks

Joji Toronibau, Tunuloa


While on a routine errand I saw an athletics zone meet at the All Saints Secondary School ground yesterday.

It was amazing to see students jumping and stomping the grounds cheering for their teams and I thought, I was watching Usain Bolt in blistering pace on the tracks with his famous sunshades because most of the students taking part were wearing sunglasses.

But with a Bati Ni Tanoa anecdote that evening, I was informed that conjuctivities or ‘Red Eye’ was the order of the day.

Hope the eye drop medicine will not be a problem soon.



Semi Radradra

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi


The devastating super league winger deserves all the support he can get from all rugby league crazy Fijians and specifically from our very own FRL officials. The only other former Fijian player to grace both the State of Origins and to have represented Australia on many historical occasions was the legendary Petero Civoniceva.

To Semi, this is realistically about his dream as a young man, the dollars, his family security and their future welfare as he can only play the game for a certain number of years before he is prematurely injured or retires and it’s his only opportunity, the moment of truth his been waiting for.

Fiji rugby league has absolutely nothing to lose from Semi’s success as there are many other professional players and locals who can do better and take over from him in representing our country at international level, it’s an excellent career opportunity for another blockbusting Fijian to rise up to the occasion and prove his worth.

Radradra has played and served his country with distinction, but it is time to move on, go you good bloke, the sky is the limit.



Home remedies

Wise Muavono , Lautoka


I’ve been hearing different types of home remedies that will prevent and combat the red eye disease.

From using herbal leaves, rubbing vapor rub below the eyes, rinsing the eyes with water and turmeric and even breast milk.

Well good luck to whichever one you’re comfortable with. For those that’ll prefer the breast milk remedy, please don’t try helping yourself. It will be redeye to black eye.



Scrap metal

Sukha Singh, Labasa


If there are any scrap metal dealers around please contact me.

I have a Sky dish and a Sky decoder to give away since they no longer can catch Fiji One.



Law and grace

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada


We now have in custody an alleged serial rapist and murderer, and from the information supplied in the dailies, this was allowed to happen because those who knew what was happening wanted to apply the Biblical teaching of law and grace themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, Christians who have been saved by grace should apply that same grace to others who wrong them, but when a serious crime has been committed and the law of the land has been broken, we are aiding and abetting the same if we apply grace and sweep it under the carpet.

In this case, the alleged serial rapist and murderer did not learn from his mistakes but kept doing his thing without any respect of the law and the rights of individuals.

We should follow the principles of law and grace applied by some Fijians, who when a criminal offence has been committed to one of his family members and the offending party comes up using the iTaukei way of seeking forgiveness, he would say: “I have forgiven you for the pain and suffering you have caused my family but because this is a criminal offence, I will let the Police handle the matter concerning the breach of the law.”




Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva


Isa, I read with sadness in FS 30/3/16 the untimely death of Simione Naikarua, my fellow kingsmen from Burenitu, Nalawa, RA .

He was such a fine gentleman who has been involved widely in private and public sector management the last of which as CEO for Nasinu Town Council where I had the privilege of working with him. He was also engaged with the Uluda holdings the company of the RA province.

To me he exemplifies the best of Fijian managers and does things simply with people more important than anything. He would be best described as a human talent manager and leaves room for people to grow. Such a loss to the country and to his vanua of Ra.

May he rest in peace.  Sa moce Simione.

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