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Fiji Airways Reveals Record Profit Three Years In A Row. And Its Not Fuel Price

Fijian and Singaporean representatives at the welcoming ceremony for the first Fiji-Singapore flight by Fiji Airways. Photo: RACHNA LAL


Fiji Airways is expected to post record profits for its 2015 financial year due to be announced soon.

Fiji Airways managing director/CEO, Andre Viljoen, said this would be a record profit for the third year in a row.

Mr Viljoen made the announcement at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore during the launch event of the direct flights into Singapore from Nadi.

Mr Viljoen stressed their profits for 2015 have not come from fuel prices have which continued to go down.

In fact, he said, whatever money was gained from dropping fuel prices, it was lost out in currency.

“We turnover our revenue in Australia Dollars and Fijian Dollars and pay our costs in US Dollars,” he said.

“The basis of our profit is we have a sustainable strong airline with a very strong growth objective for the future.”



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