Letters To The Editor, 9th April, 2016

Humour from Koro Sun Josaia Rayawa, Savusavu As a couple of our guests settled down to the thought they were not going to make it out of Savusavu as a
09 Apr 2016 10:25
Letters To The Editor, 9th April, 2016

Humour from Koro Sun

Josaia Rayawa, Savusavu

As a couple of our guests settled down to the thought they were not going to make it out of Savusavu as a result of what was happening in Nadi, yesterday afternoon, the call was then made by one of them for kava to be mixed.

One of the American guests enquired with me as to how the movement of the cyclone was. I offered a response by simply saying: “Well the good news is that it is still not going to hit Savusavu as projected earlier, but on the other hand, it…” And he stopped me right there, “Noo, the first hand is enough information for me, JR”.

He went to relate a story about a former President of the United States (forgot the name he gave), who in his meetings insisted that he hear only “first hand information”. Anything that included, “on the other hand”, he would stop his advisors in their tracks.

The moral of the story as he suggested is to simply give the best hand from the start. On this occasion, our boys did better than that in using both hands to mix the kava for him. LOL!


What if?

Fulori Turaga , Suva

It was a good thing Tropical Cyclone Zena did not hit Fiji.

Otherwise, staff members from the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) would have to spend weeks yet again processing cyclone relief assistance for their members.



Mohammed Zubaid Jameel , Lautoka

The Ministry of Education has deducted one week of holidays from the second term holidays because many schools were closed in Fiji because of the adverse weather conditions from April 4 to 7 (Monday to Thursday).

Then it declared school to be open yesterday even though they took away a whole one week of holidays. Mr Reddy is right in his place but it’s not justified that we have a break of only four days (4 to 7 April) and they take away one whole week of holidays. Why not close the school for one more day?



Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Should we complain about the power cuts and disruptions to constant supply of electricity?

Well, don’t forget that some will be without power for at least another two to three months. All in all, at least some power is better than nothing at all.


‘Jewel in the Crown’

Pranil Ram, Nadi

The much awaited Hong Kong 7s is here.

This tournament has a lot of tradition attached to it. From giving rise to many of our local and overseas stars to giving in a new direction to the game of modern day sevens rugby, this tournament had and has it all. Surely this tournament brings in a new flavour.

This year’s tournament is also going to provide a dress rehearsal to sevens rugby game at Olympics in Rio.

The format is also very similar to that of Olympics with 12 core teams participating in this tournament, I am sure the teams will start sniffing of their chances at the Olympics.

This year’s series has been no short of fierce competition with just a point separating the top three teams.

There is no outright favourite leading up to this tournament. For fans it will be a glimpse of what more excitement will be on offer come the Olympics. It will also be a time for the fans to dress up in multi costume and cheer up for their teams.

Winning Hong Kong 7s is just like getting the ‘Jewel in the Crown’. For our boys the cyclone and the recent flooding provide an extra motivation to win.

I am sure the emotion and the energy will carry them through and make all Fijians rejuvenated.

Go, Fiji go!


Hong Kong 7s

Epeli Rabua, Suva

Ben Ryan, on Rakavi said: “That if you haven’t won at Hong Kong, then you haven’t won anything at 7s.”!

We Fijians, regardless of other 7s tournaments including the 7s World Cup, will always demand a Fiji win in Hong Kong all the time.

The Hong Kong 7s has brought out the very best in all Fiji teams playing there in any one year and we expect no different from today’s Fiji 7s team.

The Son Kon Po stadium has been the hallowed ground where the legends of the 7s game have cut their teeth at. And none more than the legendary Fiji’s own ‘Small’ Highness – Sir Waisale Serevi. His miniscule stature belies his greatness, fantastic Fijian flair, uncanny skill and knowledge of this shortened version of the rugby game.

The commentators at Hong Kong have run out of accolades in describing his mastery of the 7s game and have now come to believe, that he is the only mortal born with the necessary skill set to play with the Gods! Who can argue with that statement?

His name, being synonymous with 7s rugby and Fiji is even known to aliens the length and breadth of our galaxy which saw frantic UFO activity in the skies above Son Kon Po, whenever Serevi was on the field. He made everyone around him and who played with him a star.

Thank you, Serevi for leading the way and allowing Ben and his ‘bati’ 7s players to continue the legacy this weekend.

Do as the Roman, Julius Caesar said: “VENI, VIDI, VICI!”


Big problem

Sukha Singh, Labasa

The biggest problem in Labasa, Savusavu or Vanua Levu is that there is no Fiji One reception on the Sky dish or the VHF antenna.

The FBC station is just like their radio stations intermittent on for a few seconds and off for a couple of minutes.

There is a depression in the weather but not being able to watch the Hong Kong 7s would be the biggest depression to hit Vanua Levu. Only God can help us now.

LTA text platform

Neelz Singh, Lami

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) receives nearly thousands of complaints through free text platform concerning issues like dangerous driving, illegal operations, use of mobile phones while driving or PSV code of conduct, etc.

The questions arise is how will they process this matter further and what are the possible outcomes when action is taken?

Is LTA capable of handling on-line complaints in regards to delivering its service?

Just an advise – improve customer service. Vinaka

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