Letters To The Editor, 11th April, 2016

Facebook Devika Darshani Nanda, Lautoka   I strongly believe that Facebook is a distraction for students these days. They spend ample time socialising with people online rather  than spending maximum
11 Apr 2016 08:00
Letters To The Editor, 11th April, 2016
Letters to the Editor


Devika Darshani Nanda, Lautoka


I strongly believe that Facebook is a distraction for students these days. They spend ample time socialising with people online rather  than spending maximum on studies, which is crucial for them especially at this age.

Facebook is an online site where you interact with your friends and families not having online relationship. Most of the students are using Facebook to let other people know about things happening in their life, their personal feelings or self harming for an unknown.

The main motive Facebook was invented is for communication not for having relationship and updating status which is not even necessary for students.

As a student I also use Facebook but at certain times instead of using daily and getting addicted. I urge all students to focus on school work because school life will never come back where as Facebook is always there. Build up your future, students!


Two contrasting outcomes

Pranil Ram , Nadi

The recent outing in the first game of the OFC by two of our district teams produced two different outcomes.

Suva exceptionally did well, keeping in mind Team Wellington’s achievement, which included last year’s OFC losing finalist and recently winning New Zealand’s domestic competition and that too beating Pacific’s powerhouse Auckland City.

Suva were competitive in most part of the game only to give away two quality goals in the last 20 minutes. They also created and had their chances. They were quite competitive. Both of our teams almost faced team with similar style of play.

While both lost their games the notable difference was the score margin. Nadi seemed to be in for a complete mismatch and had a good soccer lesson to learn.

The game clearly showed they lacked structure badly. While cyclone and flooding could have hindered their preparations, however poor performance under the guise of cyclone and flooding is not acceptable. In fact these events should be inspiring them to do better.

It may be not right to comment too soon while two matches are left. Let’s see what strategies do coaches and players adopt to bring back some lost pride.



Unworthy doctors

Mohammed Zubaid Jameel , Lautoka

The Ministry of Health should take under consideration that some of the doctors in Fiji are probably not worthy to be doctors.

A recent incident that occurred in one of the Government hospitals is that a Doctor had failed to do their duty the way they were supposed to and later found out that some of the internal organs of a baby were damaged during the delivery. Is this the lack of knowledge that the doctors have or is it just the carelessness of the doctors? God knows!

But if a doctor is unable to do their work properly or don’t have the required knowledge they need to make the right decision – DON’T BE A DOCTOR. Because of their carelessness a baby is suffering in hospital.

Pray for the poor soul.


Kava teller

Wise Muavono , Lautoka

With the volume of kava some of us consume, very soon just by drinking one bowl we are able to know where it comes from and how long it’s been grown for. LOL!


Background check

Fulori Turaga, Bayview Heights

It was very interesting to note Timoci (FS08/04), that there are people who actually do a background check on writers of this column.


Freedom of speech

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

I don’t want to make this a debate on freedom of speech concerned with having prior qualification and experience before making comments on certain topics (FS 8/4/16).

It certainly is not a privilege of democracy. Only if it incites violence, advocates hatred according to section 17(2) of the Constitution that it’s not democracy.

I appreciate the point made but the freedom of expression as stipulated under section 17(1) of the Constitution does not include qualification and experience  as pre-requisites for making comments. Anybody can make comments irrespective of whatever background.

We cannot renounce people who don’t have qualification and experience as undeserving of our attention. Everyone has a story to tell desiderata say.

Wisdom is not confined to those with qualification and experience often ordinary people can teach us things if just you care to listen.

For Christians Paul reminded the Romans to be willing to associate with everyone (Romans 12). Such poisonous nonsense is bad indeed and should be rooted out as it undermines the morale and right of people of this country if only certain people can make comments on certain topics.



FEA right sizing

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

A company’s restructure, streamlining or right sizing is a smart sensible business decision that a company board of directors will make.

This is based in terms of how they prefer their business moves forward in a direction that is professionally more structured and efficient to ensure on time service delivery according to demand, accountability and good bottom line figures. Most importantly, the removal of those unproductive people! This is a global practice.

Dan Urai is one who has been in constant criticism of his former employer FEA in its performance post TC Winston. In his own words he wrote titled “Power Blackout” in the other newspaper April 6th; “slowly its returning…the frequent power blackouts, years ago when FEA went through its so called right-sizing programmes, the “FEWA” or union had warned of what Fiji is now experiencing and no one listened”.

Can Urai specifically explain what exactly did his than FEWA union warn some 20 years back?, it is such a long time back as FEA has evolved and progressed a million fold. As far as Fijians are concerned, the current power outages was caused by the destruction of category 5 Winston and the right sizing of FEA has absolutely got nothing to do with the damages done to our power infrastructure as alluded to by Dan.

Electricity demand is attributed to the growth in investment and our economy, urban drift, public utilities development and the least goes on with technology forever changing.

However, if he is talking about him predicting TC Winston with its outcome and destruction then Urai must possess special extra-terrestrial powers.

There is a vast difference in the managing of the affairs of state owned business with almost some millions of dollars in budget and incomes with employees that number a thousand as opposed to Dan Urai’s small scale Fiji Hotel Workers Union that have only four paid workers.

Nevertheless, under the current circumstance, all those tireless and hardworking FEA personals must be applauded for doing an incredible job. Unless Dan can freely chip in his fifty cents outdated expired FIT electrical diploma expertise and draw up a better plan that can assist these professional’s achieve better results.

Vinaka vakalevu to Hasmukh Patel, and his highly qualified FEA technical personnel for the sacrifice and working overtime to ensure repairs to the damaged infrastructure.

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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