Letters To The Editor, 15th April, 2016

Minister’s directive Arun Prasad, Nausori Ram Naumi is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Rama. Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy’s directive on Monday April 11, that all schools remain
15 Apr 2016 08:51
Letters To The Editor, 15th April, 2016
Letter to the Editor

Minister’s directive

Arun Prasad, Nausori

Ram Naumi is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Rama.

Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy’s directive on Monday April 11, that all schools remain open had sent shock waves to the teachers and children who are devotees of Lord Rama.

The directive was most unprecedented as in the past all Hindu schools remained closed to allow the devotees to celebrate the occasion.

However, I must thank the Minister for revisiting his earlier directive and now announcing that all Hindu schools will remain close to allow teachers and students to partake in the celebrations.

Swami Sivananda, in his discourse said: “One who approaches Sri Rama with love and worshipfulness becomes large hearted, pure in spirit, good natured and dispassionate in thought, word and deed.”

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a meaningful Ram Naumi celebrations and may the Lords blessing be upon us all.

Common sense

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Reading a writers concern about the flood affecting Nadi area just simply makes me realise how true the saying ‘common sense is not common anymore’ is.

Constant warning of possible flooding was being aired continuously in times of low pressure which was bringing heavy rains. But it does not seem enough for some people. Also what other sense is needed to follow simple things for a flood prone area where situations normally get so worse often in times of heavy rains.

Either be prepared to your best knowing your situations in adverse weather and be safe or keep waiting for the media and keep complaining. The choice is yours.

Also as far I know and believe this is an open forum where anyone can send in their two cents after reading people’s concerns regardless of where they reside. One need not be a genius to know those simple things.

7s support

Wise Muavono , Lautoka

How lovely reading all the Hong Kong 7s win congratulatory messages on this column and social media sites.

If only our 7s warriors are also shown this much support whenever they lose a tournament. Wouldn’t that be great? Nah; as my friend Michelle often tell me, “That’s wishful thinking Wise.”

Best coach in Fiji

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

As the dust settles at So Kon Po and Fiji triumphs once again, the world is forced to take note of the development currently in place in our preparation for Rio.

Fiji is now setting the benchmark in world rugby as far as 7s is concerned and the consistency which had been our weakness for many decades is now becoming a thing of the past.

The talents we have are nothing new as Fiji has produced generation after generations of legends in the abbreviated code.

From our first generation of 7s players like Robert Howard, Pio Bosco, Ilaitia Tuisese and Sela Gutugutuwai. A generation later came in Acura Niuqila, Paula Nawalu “Honda” and Aliposo followed by Lemeki Koroi, Luke Erenavula, Aminiasi Naituyaga. Then in comes the “Maestro” and later with the Rauluni brothers, Tomasi Cama, Mesake Rasari then to Satala, Vunibaka, Naevo then to Ryder and etc.

In all those years, Fiji showed sparks of brilliance then the flame burned out. There was no consistency. In the five years from 1985 to 1989, Fiji never won at Hong Kong.

Today, Fiji has not only gained consistency but has taken a very scientific approach and thanks to our sports scientists in Ben Ryan and his team.

From the food our players eat, the type of training they do at different times to prepare them for different game plans and different opponents, their recovery strategies, mental preparations, how to counter jet legs and etc. are all taken into account.

Fiji probably has the best 7s rugby coach in the world today in Ben Ryan and it is a far- fetched dream to say that we can now have a local replacement. If New Zealand can hold on to Gordon Tiejen for over two decades to produce what no other coach in the world has done, why can’t Fiji hold on to Ben Ryan for what he has proven so far ?

My only kerekere to FRU, please do not repeat the blunder this year and forget to nominate Ben again for Best Coach Awards in 2016.

Vinakavakalevu Ben. You may not be officially recognised as the Best Coach in Fiji for 2015, but to the people of this country, you are, and we salute you.

Mission Rio

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi

Mission Rio seems to be on target. A memory that will last forever for Ben Ryan, our 7s boys, country and fans all over the world is winning ‘gold’ in the Olympics.

The selection for the best 12 or 14, the agreements and disagreements, inside information and public opinions are some of the things we’ll go through before Rio.

I guess the ultimate decision have to be done by Ben Ryan.

Our current 7s team has a very impressive line-up; Hong Kong has given us a snap-shot of who is going to wear our traditional black and white in Rio.


Airline bonus

Sukha Singh, Labasa

The National Airline made a profit of $70.2 million. $3300 was paid to non-management staff and $7700 to management staff as bonus.

I would like to know why the management staff were paid more and how many management staff does the airline have in comparison to the non-management staff?

One of the company I used to work for, the chief executive officer used to get the highest bonus because he had the highest salary. Wouldn’t it have been a great team building if they all got $3300 and the rest went to Prime Minister’s hurricane relief fund.

Safe strong houses

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka

Maybe our Minister for National Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu might want to ponder upon and consider in the long-term his ministry should build one large safe concrete strong house inside a cave and extended outwards for all Fijian iTaukei villages and settlements to escape to for shelter in case of another cyclone.

I am pretty sure most villagers will have a cave which our ancestors frequent and used for these purpose during their lifetime and it is very simple, get the structural engineers and architects to carry out an assessment and recommend the best building structure and solution.

As for villagers on the seaside Government can build away from the village inside a dugout cave so the villagers can always conveniently shelter in case of a hurricane combined with tidal or tsunami waves for safety precautionary measures.

The upkeep of these strong safe houses and its keys must be kept with all the relevant district officers and only all the registered village Turaga ni Koro which should only be used with the consent of the DO before or when a situation of national disaster will occur.

Cyclones, hurricanes and floods have become a yearly occurrence in Fiji resulting from climate change and we Fijians have become accustomed to it as a way of life for us from October to April each year.

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