Turn Off The ‘FANS’!

The meeting had begun and Ratnesh was just waiting for his chance to speak. But as he started to share his thoughts in front of his bosses and his senior
16 Apr 2016 09:34
Turn Off The ‘FANS’!

The meeting had begun and Ratnesh was just waiting for his chance to speak.

But as he started to share his thoughts in front of his bosses and his senior colleagues he seemed to lose his confidence, especially when he saw some his seniors staring at him straight into his eyes.

His voice dipped and he looked out of sorts. He went blank and in a feeble tone concluded his presentation!


The Problem

Later that day, his colleague Arun joined him for a cup of coffee and asked him what had happened in that meeting and why was he so diffident.

“I do not know what happens to me whenever I face some of those seniors. I just forget what I have to say and everything that I had known and prepared for, just seems to vanish into the thin air”, Ratnesh replied.

The next meeting was just a few days later and again the same thing occurred! Ratnesh wasn’t able to share his valuable thoughts in the meeting and in fact it was his colleague Arun who had to step in and speak on his behalf.

It was quite humiliating for Ratnesh and also awkward for Arun to do that, but someone had to speak and that too with high confidence!



That evening as Ratnesh was having his dinner, his elder brother, Rakesh saw that he was looking very disappointed and depressed. Ratnesh and his elder brother were very close and hence he was able to share everything with him.



Upon hearing Ratnesh and his situation, Rakesh smiled and said to him with pleasant firmness, “it’s time to turn off those FANS!!!

Ratnesh was quite taken aback by what he had just heard. He wondered what had the fans to do with his serious predicament.

Rakesh smiled and said, “Bro! I do not mean the fans on the ceiling but the FANS in your mind!”

Rakesh continued…what you are experiencing is something I too used to go through and what we have known this to be is the combination of the ‘four’ negative and confidence- shattering emotions.

And these emotions are Fear- Anxiety-Nervousness – Stress.

These are those emotions that can derail your determination and puncture your passion within minutes. Ratnesh listened attentively as his big brother started explaining.

“Always remember, fear comes out of the feeling “what if I fail” and if the feeling gets stronger in your mind then that thought itself creates the fear.

“This fear then leads to the other negative emotions of nervousness, anxiety and even stress. Such kind of feelings easily can make you forget all that you had planned and prepared to communicate.

“And even if you may manage to complete your communication or presentation to your listeners, it would be bereft of any sort of self -confidence and deep conviction.”

Hence it is extremely vital that we all try our best to overcome the fear and thereby also reduce the possibilities of nervousness, anxiety and stress.

In fact I have seen people literally shiver and their hands shaking quite vigorously just because of the fear and the nervousness!!!


The Solution

So what should I do? Ratnesh asked his brother with inspired intent.

I will tell you only if you promise to practise all that I share with you with full commitment!

To turn off those FANS just do four things.

As Ratnesh nodded affirmatively, his brother continued.

If you follow these four activities regularly I can assure you that over a period of time you will find yourself fearless and for sure you would have permanently turned off those FANS.

Dear readers!!! I have a strong feeling that Ratnesh has started implementing upon his brother’s practical advice. Now it is up to us!!!

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He mainly focuses upon Training and Human Resource Development through ‘Specifically Designed Seminars and Conferences. He can be contacted via email:


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