Road Horror Continues Despite Many Warnings

Two drivers who were involved in two separate road accidents recently will appear in the Show Cause Disciplinary Hearing on April 27. They will appear to try to justify why
17 Apr 2016 09:25
Road Horror Continues  Despite Many Warnings
This accident in Rakiraki on Friday saw one woman killed. Photo: Fiji Car Crashes/Facebook

Two drivers who were involved in two separate road accidents recently will appear in the Show Cause Disciplinary Hearing on April 27.

They will appear to try to justify why the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should not suspend or cancel their driving licence. They will appear before LTA’s chief executive officer, Naisa Tuinaceva.

The first driver is a 40-year-old who was involved in a chemical spill in the Wainibuka River when the truck he was driving veered off-road at Savuliliwa Wailotua, Kings Road, in Wainibuka, and crashing into a stream early last month. The truck was carrying a consignment of Sodium Cyanide.

The LTA booked the driver for driving a motor vehicle carrying hazardous material without a dangerous goods licence.

LTA has also suspended his employer’s (a heavy haulage company) dangerous goods permit for one year for breaching the conditions of the dangerous goods permit. (The company was found guilty of allowing the driver to carry hazardous material without a valid dangerous goods licence).

The second driver is a 51-year-old. The truck he was driving was carrying a container that slipped off the truck and landed on another vehicle while the driver was making a turn at the Edinburgh Drive intersection in Suva earlier this month.

LTA has suspended his driving licence, meaning he cannot drive a motor vehicle until further notice.

Meanwhile, 31 drivers including public service vehicle and private driving licence holders have appeared in the Show Cause hearing in the first quarter of this year.

The youngest being a 17-year-old while the oldest was aged 62.

The 17-year-old, who holds a provisional driving licence, was issued a final warning for not complying with the conditions of the provisional driving licence. He can lose his provisional driving licence should he reoffend within the next 12 months. His offences include exceeding the speed limit and driving without a driving licence.

Twenty-nine other drivers were issued final warnings while a driver in the Western Division had his driving licence suspended for 11 months for committing multiple traffic offences. Majority of these drivers were in their 30s while some were in their 20s, mid 40s, 50s and two were in their early 60s.

Mr Tuinaceva said LTA wanted to ensure that people could travel on our roads without fear, hence the reason for the monthly show cause hearing.

“Bread and butter issues should be treasured but these drivers have shown they don’t care and that is why we are taking them to task,” he said.

“If a driver is a habitual offender, it shows that the person can’t learn from previous bookings, and he is not fit to drive. These are the type of people we are trying to remove from our roads because they are disrespectful and do not value human lives.”

Speeding, dangerous driving, reckless/careless driving, use of mobile phones while driving, driving a defective vehicle, failure to wear seatbelt while driving, running the red light are some of the major offences being committed by drivers.

Mr Tuinaceva said LTA was committed to remove notorious drivers from our roads.

The public is encouraged to report bad driver behaviour on free texting code 582 or via email

Edited by Naisa Koroi



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