Letters To The Editor, 18th April 2016

Joy ride Sachida Rao,  Nausori The reduction of fuel price is much appreciated. Surely there will be some savings, which means some drivers will go for more joy rides. Do
18 Apr 2016 10:37
Letters To The Editor, 18th April 2016
Letters To The Editor

Joy ride

Sachida Rao,  Nausori

The reduction of fuel price is much appreciated. Surely there will be some savings, which means some drivers will go for more joy rides.

Do remember the burning of fossil fuels is one of the causes of the depletion of the o-zone layer resulting in climate change.


Coincidental meet

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

Was it coincidental that Fiji met Canada in its first pool game during the Hong Kong Sevens tournament?

Whatever one’s views, we owe much to Canada.

They certainly woke us up in the first game, testing our confidence and resilience.

This certainly set the pace for the remaining matches. Looking forward to another week of sevens rugby.


FNPF abuse

Tomasi Boginiso,  Nasinu

As there has been a lot of talk concerning the Fiji National Provident Fund payout for the Cyclone Winston relief, there were a lot of people who did not use the money to what it was intended for. A lot of businesses thrived during the payout.

It is a fact that quite a lot of opinion put forward that the funds were his and hers and whatever way they spend it is entirely their own decision.

Looking at the other fact that this is what happens when the system in place is so difficult, rules so tight and lots of procedures and requirements are needed to get to the cake.

But as the rules are changed suddenly in the case of Winston, the members even though not affected, saw the doors suddenly open and the opportunity was there to grab not anyone else’s share but his or her very own.

But there were those who never even bothered, because they had other savings or maybe they would like to enjoy the whole cake at the end.

We had been saying all along of being a Christian state or of what we regularly hear to live together in peace and harmony what a better way of giving some of your cake to someone who is really in need of a piece and for the rest of the cake you do whatever.


Lighter phone

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

A certain someone asked for all the messages in his mobile phone to be deleted because the inbox was full. When all deleted and given back to him, he said, “Thanks, phone feels lighter now.” Au le !


Apartheid in World Rugby

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

More than any other small Island Nation to date, third World country, developing nation or cyclone ravaged, whatever the name you may want to call our Fiji, the fact is we have contributed very well to the development of this great sport in the international arena both in 15’s and 7s, but with very less recognition from its World governing body.

Our country’s Fijian rugby is used as pawns by those at World Rugby house and the International Sevens Rugby parent body when it suites their agenda, it is always a one way journey, because our rugby is at their mercy; we take and accept what they give us.

Let’s take this for a start, Fiji is still considered a tier two rugby nation; we are denied games against tier one rugby nations and our Fiji Rugby Union is made to beg for monies and games against them in our development, we have the best Fijian boys plying their trades offshore, whom are good enough to represent other overseas super 15’s team and club’s as well as they can opt to play for their adopted Nations in both Rugby League and Union.

One cannot help but notice a discriminatory application in the salary scale for our boys, although our Fijian rugger’s have proven better players than their overseas counterparts in the same club, their salary is still much lesser simply because they come from tier two nations

Let’s look at the abbreviated code in 7s rugby, our nation has been pivotal through its participation defeating and wining against the giants in the game contributing tremendously to its popularity and development, but its parent body sees it fit to not allocate any single international tournament to be played in Fiji, despite the fact we are the best including world champions.

Another classic example is the composition of the World Rugby Board, Fiji until today does not have a single seat to be represented and acknowledged, I am inclined to feel this board of elites are discriminatory, corrupt, self centred and racist to the extreme.

Fiji has proven itself on both codes and in fact most of this big rugby playing nations owe their success to the Flying Fijians from the very early days.

From the late 1970’s until today our majestic 7s team have graced the many international rugby paddocks, won and revolutionised the shortened code, but there is still a big disparity as witnessed in the then IRB budget allocations and its distribution, the tier ones get some so many fat millions whilst the tier two get peanuts for their faithful input, what a great imbalance.

This is what I term as “IRB Apartheid” in our modern world of rugby, it is so very wrong, get real World Rugby House and assist FRU to comply, so it maximise on its potential and the full benefits for the sake of the tier two nations.


Health laws

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC; Canada

One thing that one picks up quickly out here when watching television is the bombardment of viewers with all the different kinds of advertising for pills to take for the different sickness we have.

It is like a drug company or brand competition.

Some ads are very transparent saying that if usage of this drug causes side effects like so and so, discontinue and see your doctor.

Then we have law firms announcing that people who have suffered such and such diseases from using a certain drug should call their office and they could be eligible for compensation.

It is sad that Fijians are catching on quickly with this mentality, as people take pills for any ache or pain they have.

Our health resolution should be to diligently follow the simple health laws (New start) and if sickness comes, check which of the health laws you have abused and do the right thing.

Known herbal medicine should be used if the sickness persist and if there is no change, then opt for a prescribed medicine from the doctor.

We will be controlled by the drug companies, if we do not look after our health, or use the simple natural remedies the Creator has provided for us

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