Letters To The Editor, 19th April 2016

Kenya celebrates Floyd Robinson, Nasinu The finals of the Singapore 7s was definitely one proud moment for every Kenyan. Finally the nation has won a HSBC World Rugby Series 7s
19 Apr 2016 09:00
Letters To The Editor, 19th April 2016
Letters to the Editor

Kenya celebrates

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The finals of the Singapore 7s was definitely one proud moment for every Kenyan. Finally the nation has won a HSBC World Rugby Series 7s tournament and in a fashion that closed the flood gates for Fiji. All in all, way to go Kenya.

Meanwhile one has to give credit to the Vodafone Fijian 7s team for pulsating performances against Australia and South Africa. Has Fiji found a potential first five eight or centre for fifteens rugby? Kitione Taliga has the makings of a world class centre. For now Kenyans across the globe have every reason to celebrate.


Humbling defeat

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi

One of the most humbling of defeats for the Vodafone Fijian 7s came on Sunday when Kenya smashed our team with as weak a team as anyone could recall putting into the field. But, that is the plan, to try out players in other positions, run on new players and rest half of the regular players.

Unfortunately, seven good players do not necessarily make a good team, and this was the case with the Kenyans.

Our boys did not seem to understand each other’s methods and some of the tries scored against them were due to a complete lack of understanding between members of the defence.

Such weaknesses were inevitably exploited by Kenya. It must been a sweet sound for the Kenyans when the referee blew full-time and an occasion for rejoicing over the victory.

We have had our share of victories – we are still leading the series with a comfortable lead, so from tottering on the brink of defeat against Kenya, I am confident our boys will recover to astound the sevens fans in the globe in both the IRB sevens series 2015/2016 and the “Gold’ in Rio.


Disillusioned SODELPA

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka

Very grateful to Maraia Vula’s report (FS April 16 on page 16)  “Lack of Drive to Join Opposition Office” exposing the utter disappointment and frustration from the SODELPA house to the lack of interest and distrust shown in response to its many Opposition party’s vacancies that appeared in our local dailies.

It is great to note a change of mindset in the SODELPA ranks, they are now talking to our country’s largest newspaper with the biggest circulation which they had boycotted for some childish reasons, but have now come to their senses and have finally admitted that their political party is now truly heading for an automated self destruction which I have previously predicted in my many past articles.

This is not about the SODELPA party being no longer popular, it is because they cannot identify with their relevancy to contribute positively and constructively to nation building and be seen proactively supporting the caring Voreqe Bainimarama FijiFirst government’s various inclusive policies in moving our country forward to creating a better and modern Fiji for all.

Fijians are now smarter and know the difference, they reject outright nonsense and they have very little or no time for a political party that thrives on everything so negative about the very truth that people have now come to fully appreciate, they are truly simply; “Fed up”.

There have been calls from some of our most ardent letter writers with very short memories to include Ro Teimumu, the leader of opposition in our current reconstruction, rebuilding phase and its rehabilitation post TC Winston, but for what role may I ask?

The Marama Roko Tui Dreketi is being used as a political pawn by her own members, but she should  expect neither favour nor respect from our Prime Minister and Government after failing miserably on a vote of no confidence in parliament against the PM, she is a picture of, divisive policies, is against our world acclaimed 2013 Constitution, discriminating, an extremist nationalist, non inclusive and most importantly she cannot be trusted to manage our multi-racial country with SODELPA party policies depicting what they believed and stood for that are recorded in their party manifestoes.

Still in my possession is five of each PDP, Labour, NFP, SODELPA and Independent candidates respective Political Party’s Manifestos from the last election, I peruse it every now and then against the FijiFirst government agenda and manifesto to ascertain if any from the above has ever delivered on their 2014 election promise.

I am still adamant there will not be an opposition post September 2018 election. Record this please.


Sky Pacific dish

Kirti Patel , Lautoka

We took our Sky Pacific dish out just before Cyclone Winston and again right after the warning of Cyclone Zena. We did try to put it back but this time something went wrong and I believe the Sky Pacific personnel themselves have to come and look into it as we don’t want any further complications and problems.

My dad went personally and lodged the complaint with them in the Lautoka Office and they said it will take them 2 weeks time to come and look into it.

This is my direct question to the chief executive officer  of this company, why is it taking them so long whereas when previously owned, the company was a bit efficient? What is the process whereby it takes the workers a good two weeks to come and have a look at least?

Also if the company director can let us know if we will be charged for this time frame where-by we are waiting for the Sky Pacific personnel to come over for checkup.

The natural disaster strikes, something we have no control over and see how some people show their laxity in their service.

Please we are not using your service at the present stage and we should not be paying for nothing. I hope to hear from the authorities pretty soon.


PNG corruption

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

The uprightness of Papua New Guinea’s head of  anti-corruption unit Matthew Dumaru  has resulted in the arrest  of the country’s  Attorney-General and Justice Minister Ano Palo (FS 14/4/16; RNZI).

He has dealt a huge blow on PNG’s Judiciary and power politik.  In fact his investigations  has led to other arrests including the supreme court judge Bernard Sakora and Peter Oneill’s lawyer Paraka.  He is only a step closer to arresting PNG’s PM Peter O’Neill and a network of high profile people.

His honesty and desire to do the right thing must be applauded even in the face of intimidation. I take my hat off for him, I thought only Jesus was the upsetter, until Dumaru appeared.  He has stood firm to protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of Papua New Guineans against corruptive behaviour.

He risks being dismissed if power nests are disturbed.  It’s very rare to find such people around which is a lesson to learn.


Comfort over profit

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

The cramped up spacing between rows of seats in the economy class of our national airlines seems to be getting even smaller.

Known as the pitch, this distance varies between airlines. Our national airline has listed its economy class pitching distance on seatguru.com as 31 inches. I doubt it is.

Now with 31 inches, a 182cm tall person’s knee would touch the seat in front of him. Presently to get to the aisle for those sitting close to or by the window seats, all the persons next to and to the outside of them has to get out of their seat in order to make way for them to get in and out. It gets even worse when the passenger in front reclines their seat. It is by far the most uncomfortable seating arrangement I’ve experienced.

With a profit of $70million the airline can surely increase the pitch to somewhere between 36-40 inches and make it comfortable for all?

After all it’s the economy class passengers who foot the majority cost and through their patronage make the most profit.

At present it’s simply the sardine principle, pack ‘em in as tight as possible to get the maximised profit, close the door and get them across!

Please try comfort over profit and I can assure you an increase in sales!

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