Letters To The Editor, 21 April 2016

Pot holes Ashwini Basant,  Nausori Why do the China Railway (CRFG) have to fix pot holes  from 5pm to 6pm which is peak hours and cause traffic jam? So many
21 Apr 2016 11:14
Letters To The Editor, 21 April 2016
Letters to the Editor

Pot holes

Ashwini Basant,  Nausori

Why do the China Railway (CRFG) have to fix pot holes  from 5pm to 6pm which is peak hours and cause traffic jam?

So many people leave work after 4.30pm and we all have to reach home on time, but fixing small pot holes at peak hours causes traffic jam.

There are so many pot holes in Vuci Road Nausori. It is very dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians. Appreciate if the relevant authorities could get it fixed as soon as possible before any serious accident takes place. Lets avoid getting this fixed at peak hours so that traffic jam is avoided.


Sick sheet saga

Narayan Naidu, Suva

In light of the ongoing abuse in issuing bogus sick sheets by some medical practioners, it is vital for the Ministry of Labour to apply stringent measures to amend the labour laws.

My suggestion would be to leagalise paid sick leave for one day only per month irrespective of the number of days stated in the sick sheet. Of course, negative impact from some employees and trade unions are expected.If implemented, this method would greatly reduce unwanted absenteeism at workplace and assist employers to maintain the productivity levels at par.


Churches and halls

Tomasi Boginiso, Suva

I could clearly see what the Government is getting to but during a disaster most people rely manly on these two building if the disaster worsen.

For  the people of Narewa in Nadi the safest place to be in a flooding is their own church. The best places to run to if there are no school in the area would be these two places.

Government should just say for places that uses churches and hall as evacuation center should be checked, strengthen if required and to be pleased that it has saved live in the pass.

My village community hall was declared by the Government as a Evacuation Centre in case of a disaster , this two storey structure was build over 40 years ago and declared an Evacuation Centre five years ago.

And I believe the best the Government possibly do is just by not building a new one but just to be repair and strengthen the existing structure. It has saved lives and it will continue to do so.


PNG Corruption

Amenatave Yaconisau,  Suva

Further to my letter on the above topic  printed by this good newspaper on the (FS 19/4/16) I wish to comment further on your article ‘PNG Police Chief Flawed: Amet’ dated the same (RNZI).

The revelation by former PNG Chief Justice  Sir Arnold Amet of the Police Commisionner’s (PC’s) claim that he had to have prior approval of any fraud squad investigation is flawed reveals the extent of arbitrary powers  that can be exercised  by the police  outside the provisions of the constitution.

I agree entirely with Sir Arnold  that in the exercise of the PC’s power and functions the Anti-Corruption head  should be independent  and should not be subjected to any authority.  Maybe the court only.

I dont know what the PNG constitution says  but if it specifies the PCs power to be briefed on the arrest then it must prevail.  As it is I can smell the rot and it is starting from the top.

We are glad that our constitution  specifies that under section 115(6)(7) and that is the standard required under  the United Nations against corruption.

It looks like the investigation  will strain the relations between the PNG judiciary and political leaders, if it hasn’t already has I’ll be surprised..

I hope the judiciary will not be dismissed after it upheld the responsibilities of the Anti-Corruption Unit (FS 19/4/16; RNZI)

These judges of the court must be applauded for being undeterred and supporting democratic principles  in the face of being sanctioned.  That is bravery by the absolute meaning of the word.

However, the decisions for the anti-corruption unit looks gloomy  if the PC exercises arbitrary powers  outside the PNG constitution.And if the judiciary legitimises dominance of certain politicians  then there is no check on the behaviour  of high powered people who ride roughsod  over others rights.

I agree with PNG Transparency International  Lawrence Stephens  that the people are particularly horrified  because of the interference with justice(FS 20/4/16; Xinhua).

Politicians must not  dictate over the judiciary and they must be seen to be impartial by the people to maintain respect.


Funds donation

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Someone named Dan Urai questioned how and where the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission got the money to donate to the PM’s post Tropical Cyclone Winston Relief Funds (FT 16/4). Is this fellow for real ?

He definitely needs a tight mix to chill.



Have a heart, Urai

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Dan Urai was the first in his letter to the other newspaper congratulating Ashwin Raj on his appointment as chairperson of the Fiji Human Rights and Anti Discrimination Committee.

He is also the first one on record to question the Chairperson on where did the commission managed to get their $10k fund contribution to the Prime Ministers National Disaster Relief Funds.

Urai is very fond of making a mockery of himself, he has made it a point he will question and criticise any organisation or person contributing constructively towards the rehab, reconstruction and the rebuilding process post Tropical Cyclone Winston to our fellow countrymen, women and children devastated from its effect.

The Fiji Teachers Union, Fijian Teachers Association, Fiji Tourism Hotel Association and the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission have all donated their shares on humanitarian grounds.

But the Fiji Tourism Hotel Workers Union had given absolutely nothing to which Dan Urai is the general secretary except that he can only contribute negatively as a critic with no positive solution whatsoever.

Letters (FS 20/4/16) titled “Response to Dan Urai” written by Justice Mohamed Ajmeer-Suva and “Hibernating Urai” by Parmeshwaran Prasad of Nausori are warranted and self explanatory, it does  makes very good sensible reading.

I would like to plead with my friend Dan to have a heart and please be sensitive, take into consideration the many hurting Fijian soul’s who are still suffering silently as a direct effect of the cyclone and flooding that have  devastated their livelihoods to which they are still trying their level best under the circumstance to recover from the experience.

Most of them still grieving from losing their loved ones, but to those that were not affected, please be grateful and in whatever small way we can.

Lets contribute positively to the alleviation of their sorrow, trauma, stress and hopelessness, let’s be there in their time of need, show love and compassion towards these fellow human beings if that is the least I can ask for which is much greater than the dollar value and ones too many pride which certainly belongs to fools.

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