Letters To the Editor, 2nd May 2016

Social media comments Arien Kumar, Nadi Fellow Fijians, what are we waiting for? Blessed are we today with the privilege of accessing social media such as Facebook and its services.
02 May 2016 14:46
Letters To the Editor, 2nd May 2016
Letters to the Editor

Social media comments

Arien Kumar, Nadi

Fellow Fijians, what are we waiting for? Blessed are we today with the privilege of accessing social media such as Facebook and its services.

Why waste time and money going to the Police and court when we can solve any case (either small or big) in a faster mode using Facebook?

Just load any case, crime, story or issue on FB and expect results within a very short time period. It’s faster and cost nothing as FB have got many genius CID officers and judges who can give results well before a particular case reaches the hands of the Police or court.

Looking at the comments, conclusions and judgements on FB of the recent abduction case, shows how fast some are in making and giving their judgments on such sensitive issues without actually knowing the fact or having the exact idea of things.

Similar comments became viral in the past on FB over the student suicide case where all sorts of negative and unrealistic judgments were given and seen prior to the findings of the Police, court and the ministry. However the real and actual findings took many by surprise but the damage was already done to the innocent(s) who may still be finding a way out today of the comments against him/her on FB.

Those of us who comment on FB please, ask yourselves, are we exactly doing what we are supposed to do come a situation like this?

Do we actually know the real story or the facts and how costly it may be for those we comment against?

Are we directly or indirectly involved in this or related to the victim or the accused person? Are we a real friend, family member or well-wisher of any two parties concerned?

I bet “no” would be the answer to all the above by many and that we only comment probably because it’s free on FB.

Today we comment and will forget the next day as every new day begins with a new story, issue and case for us to comment on. Why can’t we save/reserve our negative comments and use it positively tomorrow to save; at least one innocent life?

The choice is ours as both negative and positive comments are free on FB.


Presenting facts on GCC

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

Thank you Honourable Prime Minister for the facts presented in Parliament regarding the Great Council of Chiefs as a body.

From an iTaukei perspective, it is very enlightening and in all fairness, those out there who disagree with the facts presented should present their response with facts too.

If there is no response then Fijians should all agree that what the PM has presented about the GCC is the truth and nothing but the truth and should bury the GCC issue once and for all.

My heart goes out to all the iTaukei chiefs of Fiji, who are content with their leadership role in their respective vanua and have been dragged into this issue by the Opposition, who did not bother to get their approval in the first place.


New Speaker’s chair    

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

A great professionally handcrafted chair indeed, you really look great Madam Jiko Luveni on that Antique Speaker’s chair gifted by the world’s largest democracy, India.

The chair signifies and represents the order of our new Fijian-made democracy; it perfectly suits our new Parliament decor and it elevates the Madam Speaker’s importance in the House in carrying out her duties from that new-found favourite hobby of hers, “the refereeing of all those senior citizens and MPs in that august House of our new democracy”.

It’s not a tough job to inherit because she enjoys it; in almost two years she has been diligently carrying out her duties brilliantly under the many trying circumstances she has been subjected to but who said she was new to the job.

There are also those many jealous Lauan women critics who are diehard SODELPA supporters that consistently ply their rhetoric on Facebook against one of the most respected first women Speaker in our country’s history, Madam Luveni has proven herself and is now a public figure after a good productive eight years in politics but the Ono-i-Lau marama and her family have become thick-skinned from such irresponsible cowardly comments.

Vinaka Madam Speaker and thank you for always maintaining the decorum in your house; well done.

Your presence in Parliament on that lovely chair is inspirational, motivational and you challenge the many of our young future Fijian girls and women leaders who admire and respect your professionalism to aspire to your level.



Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

Traditional Fijian leadership remains an extremely powerful force amongst village setting and also the wider political life in Fiji, says Rusiate Nayacakalou in his book ‘Leadership in Fiji’.

Whether that means ‘stay and watch’ or stay away from politics I don’t know.

Your article by Nemani Delaibatiki  titled ‘PM: no GCC but Chiefs stay’ (FS 24/4/16) is relevant to  this letter.

It is simply common sense that if Fijians (iTaukei) live in villages  headed by traditional leaders (chiefs) you must hear their voices  at the highest political level; bosevakoro (village coucils), bose ni tikina (tikina councils), and Bose ni Yasana and to be heard by separate councils like the BLV or FAB.  Parliment?

It is also common sense if land in this country  is mostly owned by Fijian (iTaukei) their voices must be heard at the highest political level like the BLV. Currently the proceeds of land is equally shared.

They also have tremendous swaying influence  on their voters in the villages  and tikina level.  They are the main source of resolving conflict  in villages even during natural disasters their leadership skills of supervision is required at no cost.

They don’t resolve conflicts as political institutions do but currently the Police and Roko are also present with the aim of maintaining stability and goodwill simply because they are the recognised authority in the area.

But this Government thinks otherwise that Fijian (iTaukei) administration must come under the common leadership of the main government machinery and the law must apply equally in a pluralistic society.

I wish them well in their endeavour to mix traditional leadership with non traditional ones.

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