Letters To The Editor, 3rd March, 2016

Weedicides in municipality Titus Narayan,  Suva Use of weedicides by Suva City Council contractors must be halted immediately because of the serious environmental impact. It is potentially dangerous, in many
03 May 2016 08:38
Letters To The Editor, 3rd March, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Weedicides in municipality

Titus Narayan,  Suva

Use of weedicides by Suva City Council contractors must be halted immediately because of the serious environmental impact.

It is potentially dangerous, in many ways, not only to human beings, but also to domestic pets and ornamental trees along side footpaths.

I have been drawing the attention of SCC, in particular, its health department for a lengthy period of time at regular intervals, but the subject matter still remains unsolved.

No doubt, despite efforts by the council to educate the contractors  in regards to the harmful effects the chemical has, the contractors ignorance has left much to be admired and becoming a growing concern to residents residing in the Suva municipality.

I have been reliably informed the contractors do not have proper garden tools to cut and clear the over grown grass and weeds from the road site for which they have been contracted for.

They only have brush cutters, a wheel barrow and at times a long handle knife and these tools are not good enough to cut the grass on the road shoulders and its curbs.

On numerous occasions I have asked the council and the contractors concerned not to spray weedicides on footpaths, road shoulders and its curbs.

Unfortunately, my vigorous efforts have fallen on deaf ears, and as a result beautiful green grass always turns into ugly brown patches and an eye sore.

I took the above photo on April 23 at 4:30pm to show withered  brown patches and parched soil under it because of the weedicides spray.

SCC is aware that I maintain the footpaths and pavements outside my house at my cost.

In addition to this, for a number of years decomposition of organic waste or (materials) have slowly piled up on footpaths and its decomposition gradually reach above the road curbs and also gained unnecessary height of the footpaths that’s why it looks uneven and bumpy.

Because of unsatisfactory maintenance by the council contractors, grass and weeds roll down on the curbs then to the road shoulders.

Time has come that all not concreted footpaths should be scraped to bring its current height lower than the road curbs for easy maintenance and pleasant walking.

It is very easy to organise without much costs or pull out grass and weeds from the storm water drains and footpaths, but because of lack of proper garden tools and sheer laziness “short cut” methods are followed.

Because of laxity in its strict supervision by SCC, the contractors are careless in carrying out their contracted obligations and the rate payers have to endure and live in an unhealthy environment.

I am certain the Minister for Local Government must have also noticed brown patches in the municipality and his prompt intervention will be highly appreciated.

When I became breathless with my complaints, I was compelled to verbally lodge my complaint to Mr. Azam Khan, director local government who promptly sent an e-mail to the council to survey and take appropriate action on spraying of weedicides within the municipality.

Thank you Mr Khan for your prompt action.

I hope the council and its contractors will take heed of your instructions.



Bus fare

Kristi Bhan,  Nasinu

Could the relevant authorities please issue a proper notice to all Bus Companies advising clearly of the new bus fares because some drivers are still charging the old fare.

Either these drivers have not been advised properly or they are just being ignorant.



Genuine betrayal   

Epeli Rabua , Suva

The most poignant memory of the 2016 Coca Cola Athletic Championships is the disqualification that happened in the final of the junior girls 100 metres event on the afternoon of Day 2 of the Games.

The young Suva girl is disqualified from running for an infringement at the start of the race.

All the finalists gather around to hug her in empathy of the situation she has found herself in. And as she walks away, two of the girls from Lautoka who just hugged the distraught athlete, run towards each other and complete a set of high-fives in glee that now, one of them will win the race.

This learned reaction from adults here in Fiji continues to haunt the people of Fiji.

Our children learn from the actions of their elders with regards to social and ethical behaviours as shown above.

And until our elders and leaders lead with ethical and truthful deeds and manners, the detestable behaviours we read about every day in our daily papers will become a testament to the way Fiji may become in the not too distant future.



Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Well done and congratulations to Marist Brothers High School and Jasper Williams High School for their victory in the Coca Cola finals.

Again good to receive something in West.

To the rest of the schools there’s always a next time. Keep smiling and trying.



Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The Red Fire squad was in danger of being  beaten again by the Natabua brigade especially in the first two days of the competition.

But they were not going to have anymore humble pies  like 2015.  I thought they were through until the third day.

Just like the Roman Emperor Constantine felt the need for supernatural help, the mysterious interference was there.

There were upsets and batons accidentally dropped and surprisingly the relays scooped in gold medal and something familiar begun.

It was the beginning of the end for Natabua and other schools who want to make it in big time competition.

It was a disastrous mistake to denounce them as unsuitable for the relays which in the end proved to be the saviour.

A decoy by Albert Miller (Jnr) in the Senior 100 metres and 200 metres sprint finals was all it took for the opposition to swallow the bait.

Obviously the will of the gods was with the boys from Flagstaff.

As the private property of the school, it came back after a 12 months vacation in the west.

Aside from the above, I never take away the persistence behind the victory.  Initially another loss peeped into the corridor but the boys were not going to let the weight of 2015 weigh them down.

They didn’t give up the fight but attack it from a different angle through the relays.

This spirit to stay and the resilience and persistence involved is all about the school.

I take my hat off too to other schools that provided the competition allowing Marist to prevail.

Better luck next year

Acknowledgement must go to the athletes, coaches and manager, school management and PTA, Marist Old Boys and friends.

Vinaka vakalevu and In Hog Signo Vinces (In this sign I conquer).



God’s not dead  

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa , Delta, BC, Canada

Just to add to Sister Korina Waibuta’s letter titled: Almighty and Scientists, the movie: God’s not Dead 1 is a good one for all Christians.

In the movie, a Christian student refused to declare that God was dead, so he took up the challenge to prove to his Professor that God existed, with his whole class as the judge.

The student presented scientific evidence and statements made by scientists and leading atheists to prove them wrong.

Part 2 of the movie is out but for those who have not seen part 1, can watch it free online.

Scientists are becoming believers but for us Christians, the one most important evidence that God exists is the transformation of our characters

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