Letters To The Editor, May 5th 2016

Banks bullying     Shan Jay, Suva I say if those foreign banks want to bully us then boot them out and get only the good ones who understand the
05 May 2016 15:40
Letters To The Editor, May 5th 2016
Letters to the Editor

Banks bullying    

Shan Jay, Suva

I say if those foreign banks want to bully us then boot them out and get only the good ones who understand the local circumstances and HFC to operate.

Nawaikula and data bureau    

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Who are these bunch of people intruding and impinging into the constitutional rights of Fijians in their own country, and exposing the vulnerability and the loopholes in our legal systems?

And who gave them the approval to operate in the first place without fully having scrutinised their intended self-regulated business activities?

It must have been someone irresponsible and was definitely sleeping on the job during the Laisenia Qarase reign more than 10 years ago.

It lacks good transparent principles and accountability resulting in the loss of the individual privacy of those Fijians affected.

Opposition Member of Parliament Niko Nawaikula is now crying foul over our Government’s push to pass the Fair Reporting of Credit Bill highlighting the lack of consultations with his client as he claims.

Realistically, the SODELPA party and MP Nawaikula absolutely do not have the greater interests of the Fijian people at heart.

On the part of those directors of the Data Bureau, there was certainly a lack of consultation with the general Fijian public to educate them on the nature of their business.

Neither did they seek their approval and consent to carry out business from the confidential information of every Fijian involved with a credit institution.

If one was to fly offshore, inconveniently all of a sudden one was stopped at the Nadi International Airport departure lounge and one was told they could travel because  one owes monies to a credit institution or one cannot get a loan done with another bank because he owes monies.

The Data Bureau business was all done in a cloud of secrecy and vinaka to our Government for coming to the rescue of your citizens to straighten up this most unfair business ethics and practice.

Vinaka and thanks to the people’s Government for protecting the national interest of all Fijians.

We would like Government to please carry out an investigation into their corrupt business activities without the proper legislations in place as they were detrimental to the progress of our people to further improve their lifestyle.   

Follow rules    

Ruchi Dharm, Sydney, Australia

Did the banks reduce interest rates when data bureau was set up? No they didn’t.

So why do they say now that they want to increase interest rates when all the government is saying that they have to follow the rules?

Lost pride    

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Is civic pride like some fossil or memory from the past that cannot be resurrected amongst our citizens?

What happened to our values for caring for our surroundings?

One only has to travel along the roadside to observe solid waste indiscriminately disposed.

The area outside our shops appear to be a favourite dumping ground for wrappers, plastic bags and other forms of solid waste.

Mangroves are like a common dumping ground.

Somehow it appears that ‘it’s not my problem is an easier option’.

One has to travel to other Pacific islands like Rarotonga, Pohnpei and Upolu to observe how much respect locals have for their surroundings.

This begs the questions as to what’s the difference between them and us?

It goes as far as civic pride. Unfortunately, civic pride appears to be a lost pride amongst us.

Solar option

Neelz Singh,  Lami

Don’t blame FEA whenever there is a power crises or unplanned shutdown. System error is now common.

Instead switch to clean solar energy and save your money.

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