Letters To The Editor, 7th, May, 2016

Better citizens Raymond Chandra, Canada Children who hang around in schools and learn too little become better citizens than children who hand around in streets and learn too much.  
07 May 2016 10:08
Letters To The Editor, 7th, May, 2016

Better citizens

Raymond Chandra, Canada

Children who hang around in schools and learn too little become better citizens than children who hand around in streets and learn too much.




Data Bureau

Ratu Tubu Uluiviti, Suva

Alas! “The fall of the Data Bureau Empire” brings a sigh of relief and breath of fresh air to many Fijians.

Many thanks to the ever hardworking Prime Minister, his Deputy and Minister of Finance, Minister for Industry and Trade and of course, the FijiFirst Government in seeing the final passage and sail-through in Parliament last week, of the Fair Reporting of Credit Act which eventually dissolves the operations of Fiji Data Bureau.

As rightly said by Mr Faiyaz Koya: “….this was to give the people of Fiji a clean slate and also ensure a level playing field for consumers and financial institutions….”

Long live and God bless the FijiFirst Government.


Volleyball potential

Pranil Ram, Nadi

I believe there is a huge potential for the sport of volleyball in Fiji.

I was really excited watching both our men’s and women’s team playing.

It was amazing to see how well these players have matured and developed into fine volleyball players.

The request to volleyball governing body in the country is to try and lift the profile of this sport by taking it to other centres, especially remote centres in Fiji.

While some may claim that this is minor sport in the country, this sport has a long way to go. Surely this sport is here to stay.

More could be done to strengthen volleyball skills in school which is the root of learning. Through a commitment to training our young children could develop their volleyball skills while also developing life skills which will help them succeed both on and off the court.

The most beautiful thing about this sport is that it could be played in a small area and could easily be played by including both genders.

I am sure with programmes and competition like this we are ready to reach our full potential and compete for a medal in Olympics.



Parking for disabled

Neelz Singh, Lami

In cities and major towns, drivers with disabilities trying to find accessible parking spaces are often out of luck.

Usually, there is no space allocated or available. Many questions have been raised with the town and country planning officials, but what are they doing?

Parking seems to be a major issue and it is turning out to be a problem when driving around in a city or major town area.

We are running out of land or space is becoming more congested.

Disabled drivers should be overwhelmed to park freely when accessing shopping needs, as they are been comprised and victims of no parking zone. Unethical parking is also causing disturbance to other motorists.

There is a need for city planners and future designers to comply with an eco-friendly user parking system to cater for our disabled drivers.




Sky Pacific service

Edwin Sandys, Suva

Sky Pacific advertise their call centre with so many staff manning the centre, but trying to get a phone call through to them is difficult.

Impossible is a better way to describe it. My first attempt was by my Vodafone yesterday and the phone rang for more than six minutes and I hung up. By then the call had cost me $2.99.

I then tried the landline with the same effect; the call lasted seven minutes and only the answering machine with them advertising Unwired for the duration of the call. Is this the type of service that we will expect from Sky Pacific and Digicel?

It also raises another question. Sky Pacific is advertising a local product. Are they permitted to do this?

If I remember correctly the terms of their approval is that they do not have any local content. Or does this apply only to the TV and not the phone?

I tried the same number yesterday and again more than three minutes and call cost $1.61. The service was much better prior to the takeover by Digicel. Will we expect it to deteriorate further?

I have a problem in that my Sky system has been showing no signal and need help, but do not see any for the last four days. Is there another way of contacting Sky Pacific or do I have to go to their office to seek help?

This has happened before and they need to address this because we are paying their salary and we demand improved service delivery.





Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Do creeks and rivers hold the key to mysteries of the past involving disappearing people and vehicles?

Somehow for some reason, there appears to be a pattern of discovering missing people and vehicles in the creeks along the Navua stretch.

Is this a result of driver fatigue and lack of breaks during long journeys?

Is there a need for improved lighting or sign boards? Could there be a supernatural explanation to this?

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