Women Of Inspiration

  During my fascinating trip to South Africa, I was privileged to meet and interview many interesting and inspiring people. From the highest office in the land, the former President
14 May 2016 09:18
Women Of Inspiration


During my fascinating trip to South Africa, I was privileged to meet and interview many interesting and inspiring people.

From the highest office in the land, the former President of the Republic of South Africa to Nelson Mandela’s private secretary and even sporting stars of rugby 7s and 15s.

Regardless of this, sometimes it is the unsung heroes who really capture our hearts and on this occasion I was pleasantly surprised to meet two very gracious and humble individuals who I am sure will inspire all young and aspiring women in our region that anything is possible.

The meeting came about when I emailed a prominent zoo requesting for some highly qualified personnel to accompany me and show me how to interact with the wildlife animals at the same time giving me a complete overview of each animal we encountered.

I received a very comprehensive reply asking a thousand and one questions as to how they could help me. I decided to ignore the letter and just turn up at the date and time they were proposing.

When I arrived at the zoo for our meeting, I was greeted by two wonderfully bubbly and friendly individuals. It was as if we had all known each other for years the welcome was so warm.

During our tour of the facilities and a drive to the new game reserve,  I was amazed at the passion and how knowledgeable they both were not just about the environment we were in, but also about each and every individual animal species we encountered. Not only that but the enthusiasm they showed was just amazing.

As we got to know each other more I was even more staggered at how qualified they both were; these are not your average intellectuals and it was only under duress that they reluctantly told me how skilled they were.


About Dr Jacqueline Codron

Firstly, we have Dr Jacqueline Codron. This young woman has a PhD from the University of Cape Town. She also has a Master of Science in Botany, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biodiversity and Conservation, a Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) in Zoology and Botany and the list goes on.

She is also fluent in three languages; German, Afrikaans and English, her hobbies include any outdoor activities and animal wildlife.

As we know balance is the key to life, Jacqueline is also happily married with two young children.


About Tiffany Tierson

Next up is Tiffany Tierson, who is originally from America, had relocated to South Africa for more experience with animal wildlife. She is also a very highly qualified individual who has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and an MBA in Strategic Management, previous to this Tiffany was a graduate intern with Walt Disney animal kingdom.

In addition to this Tiffany has her own dance studio and teaches Latin, Ballroom and Sokkie dances.

Tiffany is engaged to be married to her partner Johan and the couple hope to tie the knot sometime next year.

These inspiring women are a shining example of what can be achieved if the motivation and desire are there to achieve and aim to be the best.

My lasting impression of both of them was their ability to be very humble and caring, which are two traits that speak volumes.

I did ask both Jacqueline and Tiffany what has made them successful in their chosen field and the answer was simple, you need to be able to sacrifice time and be dedicated to what you want to do.

Well these two understated and humble servants of wildlife and conservation are a credit to all women that want to reach the pinnacle in their own professions.

With a good balance of hard work, study and maintaining a healthy home life atmosphere, they have certainly won the hearts of all the animals we encountered and many of the humans as well.

Edited by Filipe Naigulevu

 The writer is a Fiji Sun  columnist.



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